Encounter 1

Was going to wait til lunch to post this, but I got a bit of a lull at work, and I don’t want to forget the details:
I went for my 9am walk as usual. If you read my posts, you may remember my telling you of a time I was ridiculed and harangued as I peacefully tried to walk through all the people waiting in line for a meal from the church next door to the office I’m working in here in downtown Houston. [ I take a 5 minute walk twice a day just to stretch my legs and refresh my mind, and I take a 30 minute walk at lunch for prayer. ]
I’ve been ‘cursed’ many times now by this person, a female, and by her cohorts who lurk outside a building on Fridays. They belong to a sect that wants to claim to be ‘the real Jews,’ asserting that my Jewish people and our long history of heritage in guarding the Torah [Rom 3:1-2] is a farse, and that they are the real Jews because of the color of their skin. It is a doctrine of the flesh based on ignorance and pride and jealousy.
Well, anyway, as I walked through this morning, there she was. But I went through without her assailing me this time. Then a man said “Shalom” to me as I walked by him, and I looked back and smiled and said “Shalom Aleikhem!” As I turned around, I saw a young man reading the bible. I went on my way, seeming to escape the fray this time.
Then, as I made it around the block and was about to head back into the building, my heart started pounding and I ‘felt’ the ‘urge’ to go around one more time. I ignored it, thinking it was just ‘me’. I went in and sat at my desk, and the sensation would not leave me. I sat down, tried to work, and it would not go away. So, I paused, and I prayed, and I remembered two passages I read this morning. Sha’ul did something against what יהוה had told him to do, and the kingdom was taken from him that day. “Oy.” And then, Yonatan told his armor bearer basically that the two of them could conquer the P’lishtim at Mikhmash if יהוה were with them, so he said, ‘If they bid us to come up, then יהוה is with us.” They did, so they went, and they did conquer them that night. As I sat there thinking, I realized that it must have been His voice/will that I go back around, in spite of the fact that I am largely outnumbered and stand in stark contrast to everyone there, in so many, many ways.
I went.
As I passed by, sure enough, the woman confronted me. “I’m a real Jew, you’re the fake Jew,” she said. I smiled. “I don’t think so.” She went on a tear, and started calling me fake Jew, etc, and I just smiled and turned, and as I did, I nearly bumped into the young man sitting and reading the Bible.
“Are you Jewish?” He asked.
“Yes; but I also believe in Messiah.” I responded, looking down at his bible. “Your’e reading the Revelation?”
“Yeah; you know the Revelation?”
” A bit. Where are you?”
“Chapter 9.”
“Ah, the star that fell from heaven.”
“Yeah! I have been wondering who that is! Do you know?”
“That particular ‘star’ is HaSatan.” And as I tried to explain to him from Ezekiel and Genesis the order of the war in Heaven, the fall of HaSatan and his 1/3, and his expulsion, and THEN the creation, and that ‘stars’ represent ‘messengers’ in many cases, my ‘tormenter’ was casting a spell/curse on me. She picked a red stick up from her baggage, and spoke curses over me and my family while twirling/waving her stick, basically condemning me to hell.
My new friend looked at me and said, “Does she always do that to you?”
“Oh yeah, just about every time I walk by.”
Then he turned to Genesis and read the account of the fall, and pointed out aptly that the serpent was HaSatan, and then went to John 10 and read [in his KJV version]: “Yeshua said to them, “Is it not so written in your Torah, “I said, you are elohim [gods]?” If he called them gods because the D’var HaElohim was with them, and the scripture cannot be broken, why to the one whom HaAv set apart and sent to the world, do you say, ‘You blaspheme,’ just because I said to you, ‘I am Ben HaElohim.’”
All the while, the taunts continued. “You’ll find out in the end who the real Jew is!” “Don’t cast your pearls before swine!” [She was now talking to this young believer, telling him that the Torah is ONLY for her people [race], and not for the nations, not for the dogs]. The young man shook his head, smiling, and we discussed the verses he had questions about, talking about who the real ‘Sons of Elohim’ are. Which happened to be the very opposite of what my tormenter was saying….
I gave him some Hebrew nuggets to ponder concerning ‘angels’ and ‘stars’, and went back to his question about the fallen star in the Revelation. His question was now answered. I shook his hand, and said, “I thought I was supposed to come back out here, in spite of her.”
He said, “It was a ‘purpose’,” and said that he and his friend were just discussing that Elohim has a ‘purpose’ for them. I asked him if he had internet access, and gave him a card from our congregation when he affirmed. Then I shook his hand, and left, all the while hearing the curses of this ‘preacher of good news’…
I truly believe Abba wanted all of them to see the contrast between me and this so-called ‘minister.’ Even though they are prime candidates for her, I am convinced they are not listening to her blather, and that this may be one reason I’ve been sent here for the next few months. I just hope I can be keen to Him during this time, and speak only His Words.

Meet Us!

The above video tells briefly why we worship G-d the way we do.

My part of the story is that as a person who grew up suspecting he was Jewish, then confirming that Jewish heritage with his grandmother, who’d actually hidden it for some untold reason all my life, I was always certain that Yeshua is Jewish, and always had an affinity for the Jewish people and culture.

It was Jewish music that set me searching for a Jewish Synagogue to attend for the first time about thirty years ago.  As a musician, it stirred my blood.  I was driving around the Sound to Seattle and found some Jewish music on the radio, and gleaned that they were singing about Yeshua.  Knowing there were Jews out there worshipping Messiah, I filed that knowledge until I found an opportunity to visit.  That opportunity came six months to a year later, down in Jacksonville, Florida.

After moving back to Texas and marrying, and then moving to Houston, we found a Messianic synagogue on the other side of Houston.  If you’re not from here, you don’t know how far ‘the other side of town’ is.  We tried attending, but with two young kids, it was just too far.  But, every time we did, I wept with joy and envy every time.

But it was learning of how clearly Rosh HaShanah points to the return of the Messiah that really caused my blood to boil, and to yearn for a Hebrew understanding of the scriptures.  As a bit of a linguist, it also gave me a hunger for the Hebrew language.

Thirty years later, I am now ten years into helping to form and grow a Messianic Synagogue in the north part of the Houston metroplex.  But, the most rewarding part of it is knowing the PEOPLE who make up that Synagogue and forging strong bonds with BROTHERS in Messiah, who love Him, and want to obey HIM.

Abba is indeed calling OUT of the harlot those who hunger for HIS WORD in TRUTH.  If you live in our area, COME AND EXPERIENCE Messiah!  If you visit our area, we hope you check us out.  If you’re distant, we are live on youtube on Shabbat at 1 PM CST.  And soon, we will be starting a Yeshiva for those who want to study with us.

Join us!



A Proud Cavalier


A cavalier attitude toward faith is prevalent these days.  And many people are proud of that.  Sincerity in devotion to God is all but lost, and some people wear it like a badge.  Our society is degrading fast past the laissez faire attitude into a mindset that has a propensity to attack even the very idea of faith, and certainly to loath anyone who makes a call to any form of ‘righteousness’.  And people of faith are sitting back, unalarmed by the downward spiral of public thought, which debases our society, spinning it into the curse of an amoral civil conscience.

The likes of Samantha Bee, and Jimmy Kimmel, and droves of others, such as so-called ‘newscasters’ on CNN, NBC, MSNBC and the like, who are vulgar at best, are awarded/rewarded for their vulgarity and their constant spewing of hatred, and for influencing young minds into sinfulness and rebellion.  It is no longer proper to keep in check those who would abuse free speech.  Yes, we have an absolute right to say anything we want, apart from inciting riots or causing undue panic.  But, with rights should come responsibility.

The same is true in the kingdom of God: we have a right not to say anything regarding what society is doing around us.  But, as people in His kingdom, we have a responsibility to warn those who profess to know Him not to fall into the mind that what we as a people think and say has no eternal effect.

More importantly, however, as believers in the Creator, Blessed is He, and in His Messiah, a cavalier attitude is a slow death of faith.  The Kingdom of Messiah and of Elohim is about LIFE and GROWTH, and one simply cannot ‘do’ that without some sort of ‘action’ within the wider Body of Messiah.  Yeshua compared ’emunah,’ or ‘absolute trust’ [what most people call faith] to a grain of mustard seed.  It is indeed tiny, but among the plants of its kind, which grow in the fields of Yisra’el, it becomes the tallest, and is probably the most ‘visible’ plant in the hills of Yisra’el.  But, if the seed does not ‘do’ something, and if it is not provided the right environment, it cannot ‘grow.’  A seed, being planted in the dirt, will not necessarily grow unless there are other elements that affect it’s place in the dirt, and unless the ‘weeds’ are removed.  Similarly, a believer being ‘in the assembly’ will not by himself ‘grow,’ without actually participating.  Neither can he grow if he is choked out by the weeds.  Weeds are growing fast and furiously in this country, catching up with the rest of the world.

Sincerity and commitment to faith are a rare find these days.  People are instead using social media to try to spread a lackluster faith, and even excuse the debauchery that is among people of faith as much as it is among people who have no faith.  To be ‘comfortable’ in one’s faith is to be, as Yeshua put it, ‘lukewarm,’ and neither hot nor cold.  He told that congregation ‘You think that you have made it, and that you are wealthy, but I tell you that you are wretched, poor, pitiful, blind and naked.’  Many people who THINK they are saved are in fact dangerously close to being rejected by the Messiah, precisely because they are ‘cavalier’ about it.  “It’s okay, Jesus died for me.”  Um, yes He did; but he also died for every OTHER sinner, including those who have utterly rejected Him.  That knowledge does not save you, unless it produces in you a response, such that you desire to obey God, and be transformed into the image of the Son of God.  That image is very ‘biblical’ in nature, and Jewish in flavor!  And nowhere does Yeshua show us a spirit of compromise, nor a cavalier attitude toward sin.  He told the religious that they were lost, that they were sons of the devil, and that they only washed the outside of the cup; he told the adulterous woman, “Go, and sin NO MORE.”  Yes, He was compassionate toward her, and defended her from hypocritical judgment that broke Torah, but He also urged her to CEASE from going against the Torah.

A historical ‘Cavalier’ was one who vehemently supported the king of England, Charles I, during a rebellion, a civil war.  The word originated from the Latin for ‘horseman,’ and was used to describe a particular group of swashbuckling, mounted swordsmen who were loyal to a king who imposed high taxes and was a mite opposed to protestants who wanted to reform the faith.  Depending on one’s view of them, the word took on a different meaning: either base and unconcerned for truth, or suave and debonair, and refined.  It seems the protestant definition has taken root.  Many people of faith today seem to some to be very ‘sophisticated’ in their thinking, because they ‘tolerate’ sin.  But, anyone who opposes and exposes those base sins is seen as base, and marginalized.  Luckily for England, that king lost, and so did the Cavaliers, and a new form of government was installed.  Yeshua’s ‘intolerance’ for sin, which is very clear in the passages already alluded to herein, and in seven letters that He personally dictated to seven different congregations, is not tolerated by many who say they believe in Him.  Rather, they would overlook certain wrongs, and reason away the need to address them in our society.  Today, everyone who does so is a Cavalier for the wrong king.  And they are proud of it.

The disciples laid on all the congregations a minimum standard in order to maintain fellowship in the SYNAGOGUE.  That minimum standard included all forms of ‘adultery/fornication’, or sexual sin, which sins are addressed in Leviticus 18-22.  They also mandated the kosher laws that are found in Genesis 9, and those concerning idolatry and imbibing blood from Exodus 20 and Lev 17, and other places, for ALL believers, but specifically addressing those laws to NEW Gentile believers in יהוה and His Messiah.  They also stated that Gentiles would CONTINUE to hear the Torah in the Synagogue on the Sabbath.  [Acts 15:21] Yet today, Cavalier ‘guardians of truth’ overlook even those most BASIC sins, and actually ENCOURAGE young people to commit them, if that’s what they ‘identify’ with.  Charles I was eventually executed by beheading.  Yeshua said, “whoever misleads one of these little ones who believe in Me, it would be better for him that a donkey’s millstone were hanged on his neck and he were sunk in the depths of the sea.”  That is NOT something about which to be “Cavalier.”



Abort Shun

“You shall NOT stand idly by the blood of your neighbor.”  VaYikra 19:16 [Lev]

This is a very short, and a very simple statement in scripture.  Out of it comes the concept that it is our responsibility as believers in and worshippers of The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob to SAVE LIFE.  Saving life is actually the ONLY reason we are excused for not keeping/violating a Torah command.  Yeshua taught this concept, when He was ‘saving lives’ on Shabbat, and He reminded the Pharisees that even they taught that pulling an animal out of the mud on Shabbat excuses one from violating the Shabbat.  Similarly, He reminded them that King David saved his own life and the lives of his friends by eating the Bread of the Presence, which was otherwise forbidden for them to eat.  King David understood and trusted in the compassion of  יהוה , that HE would overlook his transgression, because he was saving lives in doing so, in relieving their starvation.  This would be the ONLY reason one could violate a command: to preserve life.


Today, life is truly cheap.  Our society does not hold life sacred above all else.  We are dismissive, as a society, concerning the laissez faire attitude taught concerning killing others.  Video games bombard our children’s minds with murder and killing without any consequences for the killer, without even any implied ‘just cause’ for it.  We watch movies that are constantly showing us unjustified murder, many times where the murderer is seen as the protagonist.  And, in spite of the fact that he is a murderer, the viewer roots for his success.  This is cheap.  This is perversion.

 But, worst of all, we, as a society, have sat by idly for the last forty-five years and watched millions, MILLIONS of babies MURDERED: NOT to save the mother’s life, in MOST cases, but to undo the consequences of breaking another command: having sex outside the bounds of marriage.  HOW is it that a modern, ‘civilized’ society cannot see just how PERVERSE and DISGUSTING this behavior is: to KILL a child simply because fifteen minutes of sex was not considered as possibly resulting in the inception of a LIFE.

Life is defined this way:

a : the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body

b : a principle or force that is considered to underlie the distinctive quality of animate beings

c : an organismic state characterized by capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction


In spite of the obvious and accepted definition of life, those who pervert the truth would have us believe that just because a baby is located inside the womb, and may only be very tiny in size, that it is not a life.  They would have us to think that the entity in the womb, which has the capacity for metabolism, growth, and reaction to stimuli [and eventually the ability to reproduce] is something OTHER than a human life, so when we rip its limbs off, crush its skull, cut off its head, we are not killing a life, we are not committing murder, but simply performing a medical procedure on a thing.  But, if a baby were located outside the womb, and started taking its breath from the air, we’d GASP [I hope] at the notion of doing the same things to it.


It is absolutely disgusting the capacity of humans to grow so cold in heart.  But, this is symptomatic of the human being, a life without the acknowledgement of God.  “Relative Humanism” governs the hearts of most, including some who SAY they believe in God, who excuse this heinous, murderous behavior.  They believe that each person can come up with his own definition of right and wrong, and therefore his/her own definition of life.  It is absolute insanity to think that six inches of location can change the very definition of a being.  Inside the womb it is a ‘thing,’ but outside the womb it is a life.  Absurd.  That a woman would want to kill a child for the convenience of sex is as low as one can go as a human being.  Yet, our society is training little girls to think that way, and lauding those who do.  We are standing idly by the blood of sixty million babies, so people can have sex with whomever they want whenever they want, and damn the consequences.


Lately, proponents of abortion have begun to call the issue ‘reproductive rights.’  Can we not see the irony, the idiocy in that thinking?  “I want the right to kill a child so that I do not reproduce as a result of illicit sex” = “Reproductive rights.”  They are demanding the ‘right’ to murder, but calling it exactly the opposite.  That is the arrogance of sin speaking.  “I didn’t do it.”  That is how two-year olds think and justify their bad behavior.  And the ‘elite’ of our society, congressmen, justices, senators, governors, etc., who call themselves leaders, are promoting this line of thought, on every front.  Society is truly being duped by the Pied Piper.


Modern society is in a mudslide, slipping into the abyss of immorality, and supposed ‘believers’ are sliding right along with them, standing idly by while innocent life is snuffed out or destroyed.  One woman convinces seven justices that whether or not there was a baby in her womb was a right to privacy, and suddenly its open season on the unborn.  If I decided to kill my wife or son in my living room, would that not also be a right to privacy?  Every man’s home is his castle, isn’t it?  So, if I murder my own child in my home, I have a right not to disclose that to the public?  Suddenly, anything I decide for myself is right, it is permissible because I have a right to privacy?  That is the base logic these intellectual buffoons are feeding society.


Since then, every pervert has found his cohort and formed a group, and each group is now demanding their absurdity and perversion be recognized as normal.  And in order to affect that, they play the victim, yell and scream like a spoiled, two-year old brat, and accuse the rest of society of all manner of evils for simply trying to preserve life and maintain the institution of family, and protect our children.  Five people then decide that based on due process and equal protection, a gay couple can pretend to be ‘married,’ and it is the same kind of institution as the eternal definition of marriage: one man, one woman.  The majority opinion stated that a state that differentiates between marriage between a man and a woman and same-sex marriage “demean[ed] the couple, whose moral and sexual choices the Constitution protects.”


They opened Pandora’s box by doing that.  This effectively says that anything anyone ‘chooses’ to deem ‘moral’ IS moral, and that the constitution protects that ‘choice.’  They have obliterated the very definition of morality, and given carte-blanche to debauchery.  And now, there will be a rash of Supreme Court cases, where people will demand the ‘right’ to sexually abuse children, to have sex with animals in public places, to marry beasts, to live as cats, to ‘identify’ as anything they want, and be federally subsidized in the doing of their sin.  You just watch.  It will happen.  Unless we appoint judges who will not legislate from the bench, but will interpret the constitution as written, and have the courage to defend MORALITY.


 Just because a person decides to be immoral, this does not give that person the right to impose that immorality on everyone else.  And if our society does not return to a clearly defined morality, but remains ambiguous and apathetic about the moral decay that is eating at our children, this country will decline into debauchery altogether, and be destroyed.


Our forefathers effectively covenanted with God, and said that we would treat all men as CREATED beings, who obtain their rights from the CREATOR.  It was the casting off of the truth of the existence of the Creator and His Sovereignty over us that started this spiral into the abyss of lasciviousness.  Believers had better return to RIGHT AND WRONG as clearly defined in scripture, and TEACH THAT to anyone who will listen, especially from the pulpit.  It is the congregations that CLAIM to trust in and believe in God that are NOT doing that, and this is why the cancer is spreading.  The battle has to be won in the home first, and then in the pulpit.  But the left, who drive this force of relative morality, have taken over the schools from k to PhD, and they’re force-feeding this immoral hogwash into the most innocent of minds, raising society’s children at the behest of lemming parents who do not seem to care what or how their children think.  If we stand idly by and allow these behaviors to consume our society, then we have no right to complain when it implodes as a result.  And it will.

Who is THAT?

He is my Salvation.
He has perfected me in the inner man, the ‘new being’, and before the court of Heaven, and given me access to the very throne of the Creator, to the heart of the Creator, His Father, with whom He is unified, because He originated from Him, and existed with Him before the foundation of the world.
He is Jewish. Not was. Is. He is the King of the Jews.  He is the offspring of Melekh David, and at the same time the progeny of G-d His Father. He is where humanity and divine become one. He is my living connection to the creator.
He came here, leaving behind the glory of Elohim, abandoning who He was before the creation, and becoming a tiny baby, growing into a man, and going through all the hardships of being a human, all the difficulties and trials. Yet He never erred, not against G-d, and not against mankind.
Yet the majority of our Jewish people hated Him, rejected Him, and then killed Him, hanging Him on a tree.
But, they had no power over Him, without His first consenting with His Father, and giving in to them at His command, because it was necessary, for me.
I was born into this world in imperfection, in rebellion against The Word of Elohim. He died so that I could then be born into His Kingdom of LIFE. He died for ME, before I was ever born, knowing ahead of time that I would go against Him, at times, even AFTER I learned that He died for me! He died for me knowing I would never be perfect, even AFTER He gave me His perfection, so that I could be clean before the Creator. He died for me knowing that I would wrong Him at times, after having experienced the power of His Ru’akh [Breath/Life/Spirit].
Here is a man who never did any wrong, who gave the power of the Creator to the lowest of the Jews, the discarded, the disobedient, the rejected, and then surrendered Himself to the religious leaders of Israel, who made religion into politics, and also to the political leaders of Rome.
They falsely accused Him.
They mocked Him.
They spit in His face.
They struck Him.
They did all of this in the dark of night, under the shroud of darkness, in violation of the very law they said HE was breaking.  Any generation, and any people, would have done the very same thing.
They stripped Him down to the shame of nakedness. They wove a degrading, mocking crown made of huge thorns, put it on His head, tearing his scalp and hair out, pushing it down on Him in utter hatred. And they beat His back with a whip; a whip that was filled with the manmade teeth of metal and bone, tearing Him open, causing Him to bleed, and exposing some of His organs. They devoured His life. All while accusing Him of what He did not do. Of their own sin. Of our sin. Yet He asked His Father to forgive them.
They did it on behalf of the Enemy of God, yet saying and thinking they did it for God. They thought they loved God, but they loved themselves, and their own way.
And He endured it, for me. And for whoever is reading this.
And He rose from the dead, after suffering horrendous pain, having been nearly shredded, bleeding and suffocating to death on a tree. His dead body, long dead, for three full days and nights, came out of the stench and darkness of death, to be resurrected in ETERNAL LIFE, His human frame now clothed in immortality. And now He stands at the right hand of the Creator, His Father, who has given HIM His Ru’akh, to give power of life eternal, power over sin itself, to those who love and trust in this story, this, ‘good news.’
His blood was pure. His Father was God Himself. His blood did not have the stain of Adam’s sin and rebellion in it, like the rest of us.
ONLY HIS BLOOD could cleanse sinful man. Only His body could suffer in man’s place, the punishment that each human deserves. Only HE, the SON of God, could bear the punishment we ALL deserve.
Yet His Jewish people, for the most part, will not be honest with themselves, and admit that they break His laws, and that they have no means to remit their own sins. As stubborn as He was in dying for them, they are stubborn in rejecting Him. And they are not alone. Most of the world has heard His story, that Messiah came to die for those who sin. Yet they persist, some insisting there is no such thing as sin. Some insisting blood is not necessary to obtain forgiveness.  Some insisting they do not care. Some saying in their foolishness that there is no God, and we created ourselves, ‘evolving’ out of nothing. They are fools.
And some know His story. And they love Him. And they want to obey Him. But they do not read His Word for what it is: A SINGLE expression of the heart of the Creator and His Son, the unified God. That is the fault of the religion of men. They do not realize that His Voice is His Torah, and the books that come out of it, the rest of the Bible. They listen to man.
I do His Word. I am not perfect in this life, but I am perfect before Him, because of that PERFECTLY PURE BLOOD that He shed, and offered before His Father in the Temple of Heaven, for me.  For you.  And I have no need to do anything more to gain His favor. I cannot be made any more righteous before Him by ANYTHING I do on this earth, whether religious or otherwise. It is my trust in HIS BLOOD and His DEATH for my sake that makes me perfect, such that I can pray and benefit from the compassion of His mercy, and serve Him in truth. I ‘do’ for Him, because He did for me, before I existed. Yet, He has tasked me to obey HIM. So that others can ‘see’ the ‘order’ of HIS Kingdom. The RIGHT way. I cannot enhance my righteousness, which I have received from Him in the first place.
All His children have erred. But I will not let that stop me from pursuing HIS TRUTH, and DOING what HE SAID. And ONLY what HE said. And His Ru’akh, [Breath/Life] guides me in fellowship with HIS servants who do the same. He has made those who trust in Him, The King of Israel, to be the true Jews, no matter what DNA they carry, they are the true tribe of Praise.  May we ALL LEARN to focus on HIM, and learn TOGETHER what His WORD says to do, ONLY for the sake of unifying, in order to GLORIFY GOD and HIS SON, whose love has been LAVISHED on an ungrateful, perverse, and stubborn people: MANKIND.  HE IS:  יהוה Yeshua HaMashiakh.


Set Yourself Apart!



Businessmen and ‘motivational speakers’ use that phrase.  But they are clueless.

I usually only write three times a week.  But today, for some reason, I am compelled to express what is stirring in my mind.

I often stress that we CANNOT become more ‘righteous’ in ANY WAY before our Creator, than the complete perfection of Yeshua which is granted to us as a free gift, because of our trust in His blood.

Yet, Yeshua Himself said, “Therefore, become perfect, just as Avikhem in Heaven is perfect.” [Matti 5:48]  Kefa echoes the idea, perhaps, when he quotes VaYikra, saying “Be kadosh, even as I am kadosh.” [Kefa Alef 1:16, VaYikra 11:44-45, 19:2, 20:7]

The word ‘Kadosh” does mean ‘set-apart,’ or separated and designated for a specific task: DEDICATED TO A PURPOSE.  It usually gets translated as ‘holy,’ but that word comes with years of baggage to the English mind.

My main thought about all of this is that we CAN become more ‘set apart’, or ‘DEDICATED’ to Elohim.  And it is OUR DECISION and within OUR POWER, when we yield to and ask for HIS HELP in the doing of it.

When Yeshua said ‘be perfect,’ the word He used there was “Sh’lamim,” the root word of SHALOM, and it means, ‘lacking nothing.’  When one lacks nothing, he is at peace.  What a believer who is not ‘set apart’ lacks is DEDICATION OF PURPOSE.  We lose that dedication when we ‘give in’ to the principles of this world, and begin to look like everyone else in our walk of faith.  We LOSE OUR SHALOM, because we’ve not been DEDICATED to HIS PURPOSES.

His purposes are NOT so ‘mysterious’ such that they have to be sought out by begging:

“…to those who are disobedient, He [Messiah Yeshua] is a stumbling stone and a stone of offense. And they stumble over it because they are disobedient to HaDavar for which they were appointed. But you are a chosen family, ministers in HaMalkhut, a kadosh people, an assembly redeemed to proclaim the glories of Him who has called you out of darkness to His marvelous light; you, who in the past were not considered a people, but who are now the people of Elohim, who had not obtained mercy, but who now have mercy poured out upon you. My beloved ones, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from carnal desires, which war against the soul; And let your conduct be good before all men, so that those who speak evil words against you may see your good works and glorify Elohim at the day of trial.

It is interesting that the passage Kefa quoted follows instructions about eating what God calls food, [VaYikra 11], and right before He reiterates the need to keep Shabbat [19:2], right after prohibition to kill babies and practice sorcery [20:7], and after instructions on sexual impurity. [20:26].  Isn’t it interesting that this is VERY similar to the instructions given by Ya’akov and the others to GENTILES in Ma’asei HaShlikhim [Acts] 15?

We set ourselves apart by obeying what God said to do.  It truly is that simple.  And in doing so, we become “Sh’lamim”, which is also the name of the ‘peace offering’ of the Tanakh.  We become ‘whole’, lacking nothing.  Because when we set ourselves apart, the Set Apart One MANIFESTS in us.  And when He does, THEN we TRULY declare HIS PRAISES.

“Now may the Elohim of hope fill you with all joy and shalom, so that by absolute trust you may abound in hope, through the power of The Ru’akh HaKodesh.”

Don’t be an Inquisitor!

did yeshua

The official version of the doctrine discussed below is different than what most ‘evangelicals’ think; the issue is, they’ve never studied the origin of the doctrine, nor read the recorded version of it from the horse’s mouth.  We have.  And we find it wanting, very much.

The below was my last statement in an online conversation on the topic, wherein so-called ‘christians’ berated me and accused me of being a blasphemer and damned me to hell out of their own mouths, spewing the ignorant hatred that was steeping in their own hearts.  They gave evidence of the very sensation I describe below, of the ‘spirit’ of murder that birthed this doctrine.  If you are a Christian believer, a genuine person of FAITH who truly trusts in the blood of Messiah for Salvation, then at least stop and reason.  There is NOTHING in the Word that supports the ‘official’ version of this doctrine, and there is NO NEED for the made up words that were invented to create/support this doctrine.  Those words are NOT in scripture.  Not once.  “And through covetousness they will exploit you with feigned words, whose judgment from the very beginning has not ceased, and their damnation is always active.”  Kefa wrote those words concerning ‘bible teachers’ of his day. [2 Pet 2:3]

The post that preceded the below I’ve long forgotten, but it basically said that the Catholic Church and Luther and Calvin were justified in killing the people they killed, and that those who were berating me online were justified in doing so ‘In the Name of Jesus’.  When is it EVER justified to KILL in the Name of Messiah Yeshua?  Is THAT how Kefa, Yokhanan, Ya’akov, and Sha’ul founded the Congregation of Messiah?  That is the SAME spirit that created and drives Islam.  And cursing someone in His Name is the very blasphemy the Torah and Yeshua both address.  We will NEVER ‘unify’ as a beautiful bride, as long as we are defending manmade doctrines, especially if doing so with murder and blasphemy.  It SHOULD tell you who is a false believer, and who genuinely trusts in Messiah.


Your logic is egregiously flawed. First, the people that Constantine, the popes, and protestant reformers killed in the name of ‘Jesus” due to the Sunday “Sabbath” and the Trinity doctrines were believers in the Messiah, not pagans who sacrificed their children in fire, worshiped sexual deities under trees, drank blood offered up to demons, etc etc. The Canaanites were given 400 years, by God, to repent. THEY chose NOT TO. THEY defied Him, and HE punished them. Israel was His army, commanded by Yeshua [Joshua 5:13-15] HE is going to kill again, all those who reject Him during the great distress coming on the world. [Rev 19] Who are you to JUDGE GOD for using Israel to punish people who defied the miracles they saw! Rahab confessed for all of Canaan that they KNEW that יהוה was God! Yet they did not repent. This is NOT true of the ones murdered by the popes, by Luther, by Calvin, et al. These people were people who trusted in the Blood of Messiah to cleanse them of sin, and strove to live a life as free of sin as possible, and they were murdered, not by an army, but by RELIGIOUS authorities killing in the name of ‘christ’.

Second, none of you have presented ANY scripture that shows me that I am to reject the Torah and embrace three gods stuffed into one body, separate but equal. You cannot, because it is not in scripture. You have told me that it has to be ‘interpreted’ out of scripture. Baloney. “DO NOT add to nor take away from this book [Deut 4, Rev 22] All of you have ASSUMED what you THINK I believe, labeling me a Modalist, an Arian, and such, so you feel comfortable condemning me with those the popes condemned. I never said I was any of these. You do not understand what I believe, because you’re not actually reading my words and endeavoring to understand them; you just so badly want me to confess this unbiblical doctrine [catholic trinity] that you spout its tenets apart from scripture.

I believe as Yeshua taught: “Trust in Elohim, Trust ALSO in Me”; “I and my father are “Ekhad”: UNIFIED. “Just as My Father SENT me, I also SEND you”. “I proceeded forth and CAME OUT OF my Father”. “Father, make them EKHAD IN US, JUST AS I am in YOU, and YOU are IN me, make them ONE in us”. Suddenly this ‘godhead’ [a term which also is NOT in scripture, in any early language] gets HUGE if we say that “Jesus” IS “God” because He said I and my father are one; HE is the one who said, “MAKE THEM [those of us who follow Him] ONE IN US. The posts here simply echo the demands of the inquisition run roughshod over those who would not ‘confess’ what was demanded of them by ALL of so-called ‘christianity’ at times. ‘Confess that Jesus is God, or die”.

It has been implied here that there is some ‘special knowledge’ or ability one must have in order to be able to ‘understand the mystery of the trinity’, yet no one can show me where the Apostles PREACHED and DEMANDED a belief in three gods in one, in order for anyone to be saved. The gospel sermons in Acts 2, 3, 4, 10, 13, 14, had ZERO elements of this HIGH DEMAND you all place on believers. If it is so dad-gum important that I believe that there are THREE GODS [GOD the Father, GOD the Son, and GOD the Holy Spirit], why did not the Apostles make it plain when they preached salvation to both the Jews AND the Gentiles? There is ONE GOD, He sits on His throne, and He manifested His Word in a human body, who now sits at His right hand; He also manifests in His Ruakh [Breath] to us today, being inside of me, inside of my wife, inside of my son, and daughter, and inside of all those who confess His Son with trust. Does that make us God?

I DO NOT deny that Yeshua is the power behind the creation: I have said, echoing scripture, that HE was IN ELOHIM in the beginning, and CAME OUT OF Elohim to become flesh [John 8:42, 1:14]. The Torah IS the Word, as is all of scripture, and Yeshua embodies ALL THE SCRIPTURES.

All of you are parroting years of Greek DOCTRINE and not using ONE SCRIPTURE to convince me otherwise, but only your doctrinal demands and Socratic logic and human philosophy. Telling me to read the book of Galatians, as if I have never read it, just shows me you all assume things about me because you do not know me. “Our fathers inherited LIES.”

The book of Galatians was written to correct the Shammai error that was forced into the Messianic community by people who did not trust in Messiah! [Gal 2:4] You label me, or imply that I am a Judaizer, simply because I keep the commands. You do not understand what I am, OR, you do not understand the Galatian error. They preached salvation by conversion to “Judaism”. I do not. I preach salvation by trust in the blood of Messiah Yeshua and His resurrection ALONE. How about reading Galatians again and seeing that the ones preaching this were not even believers in Messiah? [2:4]

You all seem so bogged down in doctrine you can’t even think. Read the scriptures anew. Ask the Father if there are three gods in heaven. Dare to admit YOU might be wrong.

The impetus to turn from scripture to dogma was initiated in the Garden, and is the greatest sin of man. Yeshua brought the Jews back to scripture, those who would trust in Him. He did NOT throw out the Torah, nor the Covenants in it. Shaul told the Ephesians [et al] that gentile believers were BROUGHT INTO THE COVENANTS of Israel. [Eph 2:10-20] Shaul told the Jews [Hebrews 8] that the new covenant was in place, echoing Jeremiah 31:30-33, wherein the TORAH will be written on the hearts of trusting Israel. Just because some early gentiles rejected the Torah and believed in a trinity before Constantine codified it into roman law does not mean that it was right. [2 Peter 3:14-18] These are the overseers Constantine invited to the first council, because he needed ‘yes men’. He would not let ONE Jewish overseer come, and so, honest Gentile overseers chose not to go either! [Of 3000 overseeers, only about 250 showed up] He made the trinity and the sun-day sabbath ‘official’, yes, but G-d is the one who declared them wrong! Trinity is NOT in scripture in defining God. Triune is not in scripture. ONE is. Yeshua is Divine, but He is also HUMAN; He is what is common between God and man. He is the link between the Father and us, between Spirit and flesh; and He has to be BOTH to be that connection. Otherwise, His contention with sin did not exist. God cannot be tempted, but Yeshua was. If He was not tempted, then you and I are wasting our time confessing His victory over sin. Trinity is a Babylonian/Egyptian concept that wormed its way into gentile christian doctrine because they rejected Torah and TWISTED Shaul’s words [2 Peter 3:14-16].  They were ALREADY ‘watering down’ the Good News in his day, literally.

You are all adhering to it [trinity] out of residual fear of the inquisition, because you know you will be ostracized by those in power if you think for yourself and read what the text actually says. Those who come to the Messiah as a child are probably the most pure, because they hear and UNDERSTAND that God has a SON who was SENT as a MAN to die for their SINS [against the Torah]. Adding to that and making judgmental demands on other humans puts those people who do this in a very dangerous place: the judgment seat of the Messiah, who will judge the world according to the Torah.

The ONLY confession I look for out of a person to know he is my brother is that Yeshua is the Son, of God the Creator, and that Yeshua, the MAN, died, shedding His blood for my sins, and was raised from the dead by God His Father, and is now standing at His right hand and giving us His Father’s Ruakh until He is sent back BY HIS FATHER to receive us unto Himself. Anything beyond that is manmade. Any demand beyond that from religious authority is erroneous addition to His Word. I will not do it. “Hear, O Israel, יהוה is our God, יהוה is ONE.” ~ Yeshua, Mark 12:29

It REALLY IS that simple.