Jim Carrey’s got NOTHING on them!

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So far, not very many read my blog. I’m comfortable, however, going after the ‘one.’ His House is built one stone at a time.
As I took my mid-morning walk to stretch my legs this morning, I walked by my ‘enemy’ again.  If you’ve read all of my blog, you know who that has been of late.  This time, I walked within a foot of her, forced to do so by the crowd.  She saw me only once I was right in front of her, and she looked me dead in the eye.  A genuine smile of His khesed came over my face… I cannot explain it.  But I truly ‘felt’ His compassion for her.  It took her off guard.  She did not have a word to say!  It wasn’t until I was at least thirty paces past her that she finally shouted weakly, not with her usual zest, that “they”, meaning Jews, will have to leave Jerusalem.  I just smiled on the inside, knowing how very dead wrong she is, and I rounded the corner out of her sight.
I began to think, how very passionately she believes the LIE she believes: that my Jewish people, which are those who have carried the Torah around the world for the last 2,000 years, and died for its’ sake, are not actually Jewish, but she is, just because, of late, people of her race suddenly claim to be, based on absolute perversions of about three verses of the Bible.
I have often written and spoken about the power of a lie.  It is truly amazing.  But what struck me this time is the ‘passion’ of those who believe lies.  Many times, they have far more passion than those who actually do believe THE TRUTH!  The liars go around in all their zeal, trying feverishly to win one convert to their perverted version of the truth.  While those who actually do believe the TRUTH of the Word sit idly by and watch people perish. About whom am I thinking?  About those who actually believe that Yeshua is the Son of G-d, that G-d put upon Him all OUR sins against the Torah, and that G-d raised Him from the dead as the ONCE and ONLY sacrifice that takes away our sins against the Torah, and that now He sits at His Mighty Right Hand, and has given us of His Ru’akh so that we have power NOT to sin against His Torah.  Why are most of us so dispassionate about that TRUTH! ?  I submit that it is because the majority who believe that truth, they still yet believe other lies, and they are as passionate about those lies as liars are about perversions of the B’sorah I just plainly elucidated.
Then, I stumbled across an old facebook post of mine, thanks to my dear brother, Kefa.
I’ve replaced that introduction with the above, and hope to provoke thought in someone who is considering, examining themselves to see IF they are of “The Way.”  I think I did lose at least one friend back when this was original.  I hope not to this time.  I do NOT condemn.  I am just compelled to provoke deeper thought in HIS WORD.  Know this: that I love all human beings, no matter what their faith or lack of faith.  But, all human beings will face the King of the Universe, to be judged according to His Torah. [Ya’akov 2:12, Hitgalut 20:12-13]
You see, it is my desire periodically to help ‘someone’ to ‘see’ the Messiah, in some small way.
Not many will, because most are blinded by their own pride, and by the deceitfulness of religious men who do not live Truth. They preach false words of comfort, and a “Jesus” that is not in scripture. They do NOT declare HaTzadik, the RIGHTEOUS ONE, who has a WAY for HIS Talmidim [Torah Students, Disciples] to walk. His GRACE is BIG BEYOND BELIEF, but to TRAMPLE on it by throwing away the very guide that shows us what sin is, is a dangerous game.
This past Shabbat, the ‘drash’ that I presented to our Congregation was unusually poignant, at least to me.
I do NOT boast in myself, please understand; but Messiah Yeshua, the Son of the Almighty Creator, revealed Himself plainly this past Shabbat, even in the weakness of my flesh and measly efforts. I ‘preached’ passionately, first to myself, and also to others; I only hope it affected someone else as it has me. My desire for HIM is increased. My desire to exemplify Him to others is stoked.
So, in my prayer/study time this morning, I thought only to look for a ‘gem’ to post on here, to incite someone to thought, to cause someone to hunger, to be a little instigator. Instead, I found a BOUNTIFUL treasure, and immediately ‘saw’ that Abba had given to me what He would have me share with His People this Shabbat! He doesn’t do that very often, but instead causes me to dig and dig, and waits to show me His desire, many times until just before Shabbat. But now, I can sleep in this coming Shabbat! My drash is ready, and I KNOW He is going to touch someone!
For those who do not attend Congregation Bat-Tzion, but have read through my ramblings thus far, you can watch the video when it comes out next week!
But, I will say to all, I have been ridiculed and even lost DEAR friends because I have been declaring the B’sorah fully for the last 28 years. What do I mean? I mean this: that the B’sorah of Mashiakh, the “Proclaimed Good News” of Messiah, is only full when we declare our Father, the Creator, and His Sovereignty in His Torah, AND His Son, Yeshua, and His death, burial, and RESURRECTION, and HIS IMMINENT RETURN, to establish the Rule of Torah on earth. Anything less is ‘mixture’ and ‘dilution.’ I realize the weakness of my attempt at proclaiming this, at times, and the errors I’ve committed. But, that message crystalizes before me daily.
Many people of faith understand that this world has changed. Things that I saw coming, and wrote a book about twenty years ago, are now manifesting, and people are confused and scared. I’m excited and all the more JOYFUL!
The message of the return of Messiah is trivialized by many, because so many misrepresent it, as fools, thinking they will escape, without understanding the WAY of escape, and because they do not understand WHY He is returning: TO JUDGE EVERYONE. Before Messiah returns, the Father will plague the WHOLE EARTH with SEVEN judgments. They will be COMPLETE judgments. And they will cause people of faith, in the REAL MESSIAH, FINALLY to repent in the BIBLICAL way, by turning to HIS TORAH! Two Jews will lead the charge of those of faith in Messiah, and many will DIE because of their adherence to Messiah AND HIS TORAH. The LYING MESSIAH [a “Christ”] will deceive MANY who ‘think’ they know ‘christ.’ He will join all ‘religions’ together under the guise of peace, and establish a false peace and ‘hope’ for three and a half years, seeming to ‘unify’ the world. REAL followers of the Messiah who did not follow His Way will then learn why they’re going through this ‘tribulation,’ and finally learn NOT to love this world system. This false peace will be upbraided by the calamity the Father and His Two Confessors will bring, opposing this liar. Messiah will NOT return until AFTER this TERRIBLE TROUBLE.
Sounds wacky if you’re not one who trusts in Messiah.
If your trust in Messiah is real, then you ‘sense’ that this is true, though you may not understand fully; and my strongest advice is to LEARN the role of the Torah in YOUR LIFE. [Read Psalm 119, and understand that the word ‘law’ is actually Torah, which is ‘way of instruction.’]
Religious leaders have been DECEIVED by the SPIRITS of that Lying Messiah since even the days of the apostles! [1 John 2:18]
It is a LIE that you should not keep the Sabbath!
It is a LIE that gentiles did not keep the Sabbath in the days of the apostles. [Acts 15:21, and many other scriptural witnesses]
It is a LIE that the Torah is ‘abolished.’
Matt 5:17
It is a LIE that you are ‘free’ from HIS TORAH.  You ARE free from the ‘law’ of SIN, the impetus to BREAK Torah! [1 Jo 3:4]  If you KNOW HIM, you are FREE FROM the law OF SIN. [this is what the book of Romans actually teaches].
It is a LIE that Yeshua did away with the Torah and Jewish customs.
[Acts 6:13-14, they lied about Yeshua AND about Stephen]
It is a LIE that the Torah was nailed to the ‘cross’, doing away with it as our guide.
YOUR SINS were nailed to the tree! [Col 2, ‘the handwriting that was against us,’ the RECORD of your sins! “Their sins and their transgressions will I BLOT OUT.]
It is a LIE that Paul abandoned the Torah and taught others to!
[Please read Acts 21:24 with HONEST EYES]
ALL of these LIES are in the ‘church’ STILL, and they were planted by the FALSE MESSIAH! And they are the ‘undoing’ of MANY who ‘think’ they know HIM.
[2 Peter 3:15-16]
“Come OUT of her, MY PEOPLE!!!! “
Who is “she,” but the one who mixes faith in G-d with the lies of this world?
I risk it [saying these things again], however, so that someone, some ONE soul, will WAKE UP from the stupor of religion, trim his lamp, and be READY, BEFORE the coming of that GREAT DAY.

6 thoughts on “Jim Carrey’s got NOTHING on them!

  1. Like a good little doggie, I had to chew on these truths awhile…

    “and has given us of His Ru’akh so that we have power NOT to sin against His Torah. Why are most of us so dispassionate about that TRUTH! ?”

    “But what struck me this time is the ‘passion’ of those who believe lies. Many times, they have far more passion than those who actually do believe THE TRUTH! The liars go around in all their zeal, trying feverishly to win one convert to their perverted version of the truth. While those who actually do believe the TRUTH of the Word sit idly by and watch people perish.”

    And after this doggie chewed awhile, Yah gave me this verse:
    Romans 1:32
    Who, knowing the rightous judgement of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do them, but also approve of those who practice them.

    Until tonight, I never understood that Paul is talking about lukewarm believers, and “lukewarm” may be a kind assessment?

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  2. I’m glad you reposted this Daniel.

    I agree with you and pray that at least one soul would be stirred and challenged to look into the Truth and begin the journey of abandoning the lies that they have been taught which have been perpetuated since Yeshua’s Ascension.

    So many lies. Especially the LIE that Yeshua did away with the Torah and Jewish customs.

    Amein that Yeshua freed us from the ‘law’s of sin!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I believe you had that call to share His words with love to those who maybe does not believe or mock about it.The way you show that lady is the way I believe Yeshua want us to be.We always will have differences but with respect and love everything can change in His perfect time.Just continue plans the mustard seed.😉


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