Meet Us!

The above video tells briefly why we worship G-d the way we do.

My part of the story is that as a person who grew up suspecting he was Jewish, then confirming that Jewish heritage with his grandmother, who’d actually hidden it for some untold reason all my life, I was always certain that Yeshua is Jewish, and always had an affinity for the Jewish people and culture.

It was Jewish music that set me searching for a Jewish Synagogue to attend for the first time about thirty years ago.  As a musician, it stirred my blood.  I was driving around the Sound to Seattle and found some Jewish music on the radio, and gleaned that they were singing about Yeshua.  Knowing there were Jews out there worshipping Messiah, I filed that knowledge until I found an opportunity to visit.  That opportunity came six months to a year later, down in Jacksonville, Florida.

After moving back to Texas and marrying, and then moving to Houston, we found a Messianic synagogue on the other side of Houston.  If you’re not from here, you don’t know how far ‘the other side of town’ is.  We tried attending, but with two young kids, it was just too far.  But, every time we did, I wept with joy and envy every time.

But it was learning of how clearly Rosh HaShanah points to the return of the Messiah that really caused my blood to boil, and to yearn for a Hebrew understanding of the scriptures.  As a bit of a linguist, it also gave me a hunger for the Hebrew language.

Thirty years later, I am now ten years into helping to form and grow a Messianic Synagogue in the north part of the Houston metroplex.  But, the most rewarding part of it is knowing the PEOPLE who make up that Synagogue and forging strong bonds with BROTHERS in Messiah, who love Him, and want to obey HIM.

Abba is indeed calling OUT of the harlot those who hunger for HIS WORD in TRUTH.  If you live in our area, COME AND EXPERIENCE Messiah!  If you visit our area, we hope you check us out.  If you’re distant, we are live on youtube on Shabbat at 1 PM CST.  And soon, we will be starting a Yeshiva for those who want to study with us.

Join us!


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