Tzitz Him!

  • titzI am currently studying/preparing for a new study on the Kingdom of Messiah and of Elohim.

    It is ONE kingdom.  [Ef 5:5]

    In meditating on this during my ride in on the bus this morning, I thought of the ‘Tzitz Zahav Tahor’, the “Crown of Pure Gold” [seen above] that is on the Kohen HaGadol [High Priest].

    When I ‘saw’ that, I was reminded of the intimate relationship this has to the tzitziyot we wear.

    Below are the verses where the command for each of these are given:

    titz and yotFirst is the command to Moshe for him to make a crown of pure gold, and to engrave upon it the engraving of a ‘seal’/signet : “Kadosh La יהוה ”, or “Set apart unto Yah.”

    The second is the command to Yisra’el to make the ‘tzitzit’ an put it on the four corners of our garments.

    From right to left, the first red word in the first line is ‘tzitz,’ and below it is ‘tzitzit.’

    In BOTH of these is a “petil tekhelet,” or a thread of sky blue.

    Both of these are ‘reminders’.

    One petil tekhelet is to hold the crown on the High Priest.  The other is to be in the fringe of every Jew.

    “And you shall make a tzitz of pure gold; and engrave upon it an engraving of a seal/signet [A Set Apart King for יהוה ]  “Kodesh La יהוה ”.

    This could be read this way, using the ‘meaning’ of each of the letters in tzitz:

    The “La יהוה ” part [as well as other parts of this phrase] has an ‘image’ in the letters:

    “King יהוה ”, since the lamed, the first letter in the second word on the crown, is the “King of Kings” in the Hebrew alphabet.

    I usually am reminded of the throne room of Elohim when I think about these things, and the imagery that is in the alef-bet.  The King of Kings is in the middle, with 12 on His right and 12 on His left; and then there are two “Standing By,” the ‘shin’ and the ‘tav’.  But that’s another subject.  Suffice it to say, there is all kinds of imagery there.

    Do you ‘see’ it?

    On the “Tzitz”, the ‘crown’, however, is this picture  ליהוה

    King יהוה .

    And holding it on his head is a thread of blue, which is the same color as his robe.

    And then we have a tzitzit, the ‘fringe.’  This word is from the root ‘tzitz,’ just like the ‘crown’!

    And THIS is where it gets really interesting.

    The ‘tzitz’ means ‘shining thing,’ but in other contexts, means FLOWER/BLOOM!

    And, it’s the word used when the staff [and a Lamed, that tall letter, is a shepherd’s  STAFF] of Aharon BUDDED [yatzitz] and produced BLOSSOMS. [tzitz]

    So, our tizitzit that we wear on the four corners of our garments are alluding to the crown AND the robe of the High Priest, and His authority, the authority of the Priesthood.  Messiah Yeshua has been given the priesthood, in the order of Malki Tzedek, “My Righteous [Tzadik/Tzedek] King.”  And in ‘tzitz’ we have a picture of a Tzadik, the first letter, tzade, with a hand extended, and another tzadik.  צִּיץ

    And the tzitzit adds a ‘sign’ on the end.  צִיצִת  And in our text, has a King in front of it as well….

    Abba gave us these things to show us something.  I’ll leave the reader to look for all the other nuggets in this… if you’re studying the scriptures in Hebrew, you’ll begin to ‘see’ this in very conspicuous places.

    The ‘crown’ of His Authority is The WORD of G-d.  And it ‘sets us apart to יהוה .’  Doing His Word is what gives us His authority.  Just as His brother, Ya’akov, wrote so many years ago:

    “Therefore cast away all filthiness and all the multitude of evil things, and receive with meekness the implanted Davar [Word/Torah], which is able to save your souls. But be doers of HaDavar, and not hearers only, deceiving YOUR OWN SELVES. For if any is a hearer of HaDavar and not a doer, he is like a man who sees his face in a mirror; for he sees himself and goes his way and forgets how he looked. But whoever looks into the TORAH of complete liberty and abides in it is not merely a hearer of it, which can be forgotten, but a doer of THE WORK, and this man shall be blessed in his labor.”

5 thoughts on “Tzitz Him!

  1. I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s Drash on our portion; Numbers 22 & 23.
    Fascinating Scripture that always leaves me with far more questions than answers.
    Praise Elohim!

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  2. “So, our tizitzit that we wear on the four corners of our garments are alluding to the crown AND the robe of the High Priest, and His authority, the authority of the Priesthood”.
    When I read this part, I almost jumped out of my chair….WOW!!! We are covered by HIS CROWN when we wear the TZITZI? It is not just any garment….it is heavenly, divine, powerful, blessed….and it has so many mysteries. I feel very special and fearful whenever I wrap myself into the talit. Thank you Brother Daniel.

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