Justice and Mercy | Mishpat v’Rakham

Growing up, in some ways, my family was a good representation of the Kingdom of Elohim [G-d].  And this carried way into adulthood as well. 

My parents were married very young; they barely knew each other when they married, but their marriage lasted through tests and troubles, for almost fifty years, until they died.

My parents truly, faithfully, and genuinely loved each other.

Dad was a difficult man to live with, and at times, very unpleasant, with episodes of violence that would border on abuse today, some would say.  But, in spite of his ill temper, he was a good man.  He was a determined and successful provider, having changed careers a few times in order to remain faithful to it.  He was an ‘overlord’ concerning homework/grades, chores, and brushing teeth.  He was so bent on that last task, that I am famous among peers, including a dentist friend, for not having visited a dentist but one time very early on in my childhood, yet having perfect teeth as an adult.  He boasted that his children’s teeth only went bad after they left his house.

He showed mercy to all his children as adults, “recycling” them when their lives gave them a difficult blow and sent them back to his nest.  Over and over he bailed out my older siblings through their difficulties, and through some acts of sheer stupidity, to be honest.

He was jocular, intelligent, and sentimental, and could hold a conversation about most any subject.  He had a stern brow that put fear in us, and for his lack of stature, a booming voice to go with it, along with over-sized hands.  We’d seen him fight bigger men, and scare them as much or more than he scared us.  He was fierce.  I’ll never forget bringing four of my high school friends to the house, and their sighs of relief once we left, having been there for only moments.  He had a knack for “putting the fear in you.”  In his latter years, his humor refined, and became more obvious to us, though his peers were probably keenly aware of it before us.  No one has ever made me laugh as hard and long as my Dad in the most memorable phone call I’ve ever had.  I wish I had a recording of it, remembering only a few ‘punch-lines’ from the string of gut-wrenching quips of hilarity that spewed out of his mouth that day.

Mom, on the other hand, was his balance.  As good-looking as Dad was, Mom was more beautiful.  They were a ‘Hollywood’ couple, to be sure.  But Mom’s outward beauty was eclipsed by here soft, strong heart.  She was a quintessential nurturer.  She, by nature, tended to the needs of others, sometimes to her own hurt.  She chose a career, after having been only mother and homemaker, in nurturing others, winning multiple awards in Texas as a geriatric activities director.  She loved life.  She loved to sing.  She just gave love away wherever she went, especially to those in whom she detected a need for it.  And she had a sense about her to do that.  She loved our father with a ferocity, in spite of his being the only one who could really rub her rhubarb the wrong way. 

In these two humans, I intuitively learned of The Father, and of His Ru’akh [Spirit], as they each modeled those roles in our lives, in spite of their imperfections, and not with any conscious effort to do so.  Daddy was the provider, guardian, instructor/lawgiver, and disciplinarian, and Momma was our comforter, caretaker, nurse, and teacher.  These are the cooperative qualities of proper parents that show us the unity of Elohim.

But, our family went even further to show me the precepts of the Kingdom of Elohim…in some very difficult ways.

Before I go into that, I want to point out some details of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Elohim [G-d], of HaShamayim [Heaven], of Mashiakh [Messiah], is exactly that.  A KINGDOM.  What kingdom does NOT have a body of law governing it?  Yet there are many believers who say there is no ‘law’ in the Kingdom of G-d.  And if intuitively, or perhaps by the Spirit, they know there is a law, not perceiving what that law is or being taught wrong, they contrive one that is indefinable, or they say there are only two statutes in it: love G-d and love others.  While that last statement standing alone is indeed true, it does not make sense that those are the only two statutes we must do, given that, without the Torah, we would not know HOW to love G-d and others.  Those two statements, instead, are the SUMMARY of the Torah.  It is the Torah that shows us HOW to do those two, by other statutes that make it very plain what the expression of those two love directions are.  But, for those who defiantly insist there is NO law in His Kingdom, they say that the law was abolished, and that now there is only ‘grace.’  They do not understand how the kingdom operates, so, they will be perpetual subjects in the Kingdom, and not rulers in it.  Granted, to be subjects in the Kingdom of G-d is a much better option than the alternative.  But, those who are meant to rule with Messiah, the King, will understand that He rules His kingdom RIGHT NOW, according to the ‘law’ of His Father: The Torah.

Further, other than being a subject or a ruler in His Kingdom, all of whom are recipients of the ‘inheritance’ of the Father, there are those who will NOT inherit ANY measure of His Kingdom.  These are the disinherited, the cast-out, the ‘cut off’, those who suffer apart from His eternal kingdom, perpetually.  There are preconceptions based on mixture doctrine, but the idea is there, that G-d will not spare some from eternal suffering.  What most people don’t realize, however, who do believe in some form of ‘hell,’ is that the reason for going there is for having been a renegade, a rebel in opposition to his Torah, a malefactor in the KINGDOM of Elohim: one who BREAKS HIS TORAH, one who does not abide by the King’s law.

Before the reader goes off half-cocked, let me assure that the writer in no way thinks that non-Messianic believers are all going to ‘hell’ because they do not keep His Torah.  In fact, this writer believes that all TRUE believers DO endeavor to keep His Torah, but that most, having been taught wrong, simply do not strive to learn His whole Torah, such that they can be CERTAIN they are keeping it to the best of their ability.  “Examine yourselves….”  “Look into the perfect ‘law’ of liberty” [Torah, see Psalm 119].  And, most do not realize they ARE, in part, Torah keepers.  Many, in fact, only have the way distorted for them on how to love Elohim more fully, since loving Him is expressed in trusting in and declaring His Name, and assembling with His people at the times HE appointed.  Loving people is also plainly taught in the Torah, so there is no question as to how to love our neighbor, for those who study Torah.  But, in many circles, that too is esoteric, and a guessing game for many.  Not only, then, do people not know how to keep Torah more fully, but they also do not consult their Attorney and lawgiver concerning how he would counsel them to keep it.  They simply believe any so-called ‘lawyer’ who would hang a shingle outside that they are keeping it, without looking into the books of His law themselves.

My point here, however, is that the law of inheritance is very, very clear.  And this is what I painfully learned by watching my own family, concerning inheritance.

Since a King has a kingdom, and every sound kingdom is governed by a law, then there are also consequences to not keeping that law.  Yeshua, our Messiah, gives many “mishlim”, or prophetic ‘stories’ known as parables, that explain His Kingdom, and the severity against those who reject Him as King, and even against those who accept Him, yet do not follow His Way.  At the same time, He demonstrates and explains the great compassion of His Father toward those who obey HIS LAW.

In my family, the same can be seen concerning the laws of inheritance.

My father was not a wealthy man, by any stretch of the imagination.  He had four children with my mother, but before having done that, he adopted his half-brother at four years old.  We knew him to be our brother, and never looked at him any differently, even after learning of his having been adopted.  My parents were both in ill health in their early and mid-sixties.  Dad had multiple lung diseases, and mom had als leukemia.  Before they took ill, however, they made sure their ‘last will and testament’ was clearly expressed and legally binding.  Interesting choice of words, ‘testament’, for our discussion of inheritance, is it not?  Further, they began to give things of sentimental value to each child whom they had agreed would inherit them, long before they died, so as to alleviate any infighting over it after their passing.  As far as they were concerned, things were ‘set in stone.’

Unfortunately, toward the end, two of our siblings went into severe rebellion.  I’m not talking of teenage games, but absolute, utter, hateful treatment and disregard of my parents.  I will not bore anyone with those private details, but let me just say that the adopted son and another son hurt my parents over and over, repeatedly, in spite of the fact that they helped each of them the most, to recover from their own stupidity, their own criminal behaviors, substance issues, etc. etc.  These two went on not only to steal from and lie to and about my parents, but to hurl the most hateful accusations against them, and blame them for all their issues.  After dealing with years and years of repeated and increasing, double heartbreak from these two, they were each ‘written out of the will’ of my parents.  They were ‘cut off’, they were ‘disinherited.’  These same terms for speaking of children who are NOT going to get a thing out of a ‘last will and testament’ are interestingly similar to the terms the scriptures use to describe those who are ‘going to hell,’ the way most people describe it. 

I was, whether good or bad, named the ‘executor’ over both their wills.  Since they died so close together, barely seven weeks apart, I had to probate my Dad’s will, who died first, assigning everything to my mother, and then probate the whole estate for all my siblings when she passed.  Neither of those brothers were anywhere to be seen when my parents passed.  We had not heard from the adopted brother for some 15 years.  The other, we had not heard from for about two years when Mom passed. 

What makes it interesting, since my parents were not wealthy, was that my father had been involved in a Mesothelioma case.  It turned into a wrongful death case in our names when he died. 

The one brother heard about that somehow, and at the time, was dating a woman who thought that because she went to a semester of law school, she could adjudicate and sue me!  They got dollar signs in their eyes, moved to back to Texas, hired a private investigator to snoop into my life, and tried to sue me, in spite of the fact that both of these brothers were getting the EXACT same thing from the settlements as I was.  And I was the one having to manage it, find them, hold their monies, and then send their monies to the lawyers when they were found.  Almost five years later, the second one, the adopted brother, also tried to sue me.

Legally, they had no leg to stand on, and thankfully, I had done all my fiduciary duties toward all my siblings, according to both the will and the law.  There was nothing they could do.  They were cut out.

It is the SAME in the Kingdom of Messiah. There will be both adopted sons and natural sons that, because of their disdain for the will of the Father, they will be CUT OFF, cut OUT of His Kingdom, forever.  They are unrepentant, and have no respect for the wishes of their Father. 

The one brother who was adopted shows the sinfulness of pride.  He’d told my parents they were not his parents, refused to call them Mom and Dad anymore, and cut himself off from them by way of communication.  Then, YEARS after they’re dead and gone, when he hears through the grapevine there was a settlement, his lust and greed for money overturns those statements.  He practically salivated over the money when he called me with his blandishments, wanting to seem like a loving brother, but only for a moment.  It was years later when he tried to sue me.  All his ingratiating flattery disappeared. 

This reminds me of the five virgins who beg to get into the wedding after the fact.  They are ‘virgins’, meaning they thought they’d be at the wedding.  But the Groom says to them, “I do not know you.”  Other times Yeshua says the children of the KINGDOM will be put into ‘outer darkness,’ where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. 

Yeshua, teaching on the subject of Salvation, says that the judge [Himself] will say to so many:

 “I do not know you or where you come from; depart from me, O you workers of iniquity. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when you see Avraham and Yitz’khak and Ya’akov and all the Nevi’im [Prophets] in Malkhut HaElohim [Kingdom of G-d], but you will be thrown outside.” 

The psalms and proverbs define “worker of iniquity” as those who break the Torah.  Those who flout the law of G-d.  Even IF they are ‘children of the kingdom,’ but they do this, they will not inherit a thing from G-d, but to be cut out of His will. 

My parents were completely justified in doing what they did to my two brothers.  It held up under two different human judges.  Elohim is justified in cutting of those who will not hear Him.

“For if any man sins willfully [breaks Torah, 1 Jo 3:4] after he has received the knowledge of the truth, then there is no more sacrifice to be offered for sins, but only impending fearful judgment, and the fiery indignation which shall consume the adversaries. He who transgressed the Torah of Moshe, on the word of two or three witnesses he died without mercy: how much more punishment do you think he will receive who has trodden underfoot Ben HaElohim, and has considered the blood of His Brit, through which he had been set apart, as ordinary blood, and has blasphemed HaRu’akh HaKhesed? For we know Him who said, “‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay,’ says יהוה .” And again, ” יהוה shall judge His people.” It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living Elohim.





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