Guardian of the Galaxy!

Obeying G-d and reading His Scriptures is not about the minutiae, the tedium of study, or the motive to be ‘right.’

It’s about learning HIS HEART.

HIS DESIRE for us.

What is HE LIKE, so that we can be LIKE HIM. That’s what ‘godly’ means.

The way Sha’ul [Paul] puts it, His heart is His GOOD and PLEASANT and PERFECT will.

We do NOT learn His heart by our ‘feelings,’ by ‘signs,’ by ‘listening to your heart, nor by following religious men.

Every human’s heart is deceitful and wicked.

It is done by looking into the PERFECT TORAH of LIBERTY, just as Yeshua’s own brother told us. {James}

We are looking into His Torah for the purpose of seeing HIS HEART, and comparing ourselves to that image, and NOT that of other human beings.

The Torah [Gen-Deu] is LOADED with mercy, for PEOPLE. For the disadvantaged, the lowly, the victims.  But liars have told the world that the Torah is a ‘heavy,’ impossible book to do, and that the “god of the old testament” was not gracious and merciful.  And that G-d did a ‘new’ thing in Messiah Yeshua.  No.  In Messiah Yeshua, His Son, He FINISHED what He started!

After reading portions of the Torah concerning how we treat people in certain situations, I was thinking about how G-d declared Himself to Moshe, the only man EVER to see Elohim, and to see and hear יהוה ‘face to face.’ יהוה , יהוה , G-d, merciful and gracious, Slow to anger, abundant in compassion and truth. A Guardian [‘branch’] of compassion for thousands; Forgiving iniquity, transgression, and sin, and pardoning.”

Why did He say His Name twice? I’ll get to that.

But look at the first words out of His own mouth about Himself: MERCIFUL and GRACIOUS.

Our Jewish people call this passage “The Thirteen Attributes,” and these verses are considered very, very important in understanding the Creator.

He goes on and calls Himself, SLOW TO ANGER, and ABUNDANT in compassion and TRUTH.

G-d does NOT lie, neither does He equivocate or change his mind on righteousness, salvation, and worship. He is CONSISTENTLY THE SAME.

This passage TRULY is a glimpse into the Heart of the Creator, and of His Son, Messiah Yeshua.

And, it SHOULD be OUR hearts as well.

Trust me, I’m asking Abba to give me this; I’ve looked into the PERFECT TORAH of liberty and seen my reflection; and I pray often that HE ‘transforms’ my mind and heart.

I’ve included the image of those two words, because in a Torah scroll the first letter in verse 7 is an enlarged “Nun;”


The ‘nun’ itself is a picture of Yeshua, as it is an ‘upright/righteous man;’ the fact that this word is not only ‘notzer,’ or ‘guardian,’ but ALSO ‘netzer,’ or BRANCH, is no coincidence, as Yeshua is the Netzer David [Rev 4-5], the ‘root/branch’ of David/Jesse [Is 11:1-2], but is also a Natzri, a person from the Galilee town of Natzrat. Same word.

Interestingly, this verse, Exodus 34:7, points us to Is 11:1-2, the place where the powers of the Ruakh are clearly elucidated, and also to Rev 4-5, where we are told about these seven ‘rukhot,’ or the seven-fold Ruakh/Spirit of Elohim.

If one pretends to study Torah but is not compassionate and merciful, that one should reflect on himself. If one pretends to possess the Spirit but does not reflect righteousness and mercy, that one should reflect on himself.

The one I want NEVER to doubt is HIM. And He has plainly declared HIS HEART. Which is why He SENT His Son. To offer a ‘branch of compassion’ to those who would grasp it. He extended His arm to rescue us from our SINS.

The word there for ‘forgiving’ actually is also rooted in ‘bearing up;’ “He bore our sins.” Is 53:2-7 ; same exact word. Also expressed in 1 Peter 2:24.

That is why His Name is declared twice. His attributes do not go without showing us our Messiah Yeshua. Yeshua is a perfect manifestation of the HEART of the Creator, who walked before Moshe, picked Him up, and covered Him with His hand, and declared His CHARACTER before Him, to COMFORT HIM and give him faith to know that HE was his GUARDIAN; and He is OUR BRANCH of rescue out of the mire of the wickedness of THIS life.

The ‘christian’ idea that G-d in the “OT” is angry, but in the “NT” is a gracious and loving god, is severe misdirection on the part of anti-semites who distorted His truth for personal gain.

The Being that walked before Moshe is MOST COMPASSIONATE.

I have learned so almost daily for myself these past 32 years.

May we all learn His heart, and reflect it, so others may see Him and KNOW that Yeshua is His Messiah.

2 thoughts on “Guardian of the Galaxy!

  1. Daniel wrote:
    “Trust me, I’m asking Abba to give me this; I’ve looked into the PERFECT TORAH of liberty and seen my reflection; and I pray often that HE ‘transforms’ my mind and heart.”

    This is one of my favorite Scriptures and it fits perfectly with what you wrote:

    Psalms 17:15 (JPOT) As for me, I shall behold Thy face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with Thy likeness.


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