“He speak with fork-ed tongue”

In my Hebrew reading yesterday and this morning in Brit Khadashah, I was in Efisim, and then Tesalonikim, respectively.  I just read the whole books again, because they are so rich in wisdom and revelation.  I also saw in this reading another proof that Aramaic was the original language of the Brit Khadashah [NT], and that the greek redactors had an anti-Torah bias in their translating from Aramaic.

The part that really stood out to me yesterday, in Efisim, was this:

“Children, obey your parents in Adoneinu, for this is right. This is the first MITZVAH with promise: “Honor your father and your mother, that it may be well with you, and you may live long on the earth.” And parents, do not provoke your children to anger; but bring them up in the discipline of Adoneinu, and in His TORAH. “

There are those who teach that Sha’ul not only turned from the Torah, but taught others to do so as well, and that he never taught Torah precepts to gentiles.  This is one of those phenomenal lies that took root, and now a majority believe it.  It was a lie about Yeshua, about Stephen, about Paul, and about Peter.  It is still a lie, and many honest, good, believing people grew up to and still believe it.

This letter is to those in Efesus.  They were a congregation made up of Jews and Gentiles.  He focused his letter to the congregation, however, on the Gentiles, telling them that they were NO LONGER strangers to the customs of Yisra’el, but now were adopted into the JEWISH family of Messiah, and brought into the covenants, and are now partakers WITH Jews of the blessings of Yisra’el [ch 2].  And here, a mere four chapters later, he uses a very express Torah command, quoting it almost verbatim, and expounding it and others, to teach these Gentiles.  This, from a man purported to spurn the Torah of the Jewish people; his own people, and the people of Messiah Yeshua.

I was reading it in Hebrew, and when I got to the end of the third verse, I saw very clearly Sha’ul’s admonition to raise children IN THE TORAH.  Most people who say they believe in Messiah agree that the Ten D’varim, the Ten Words, which the GENTILE community ironically calls the “Ten COMMANDMENTS,” are GOOD for instruction in righteousness.  But, out of the same mouth, they misread Sha’ul and SAY that to follow the Torah is to be ‘under the law’.  As if somehow doing those GOOD THINGS in the Ten Words is bad for you.  This double-speak never ceases to amaze me.

This verse very clearly says to raise children in THE TORAH.  Notice that he did not limit that to the ‘Ten D’varim,’ but used the word “Torah”.  The greek version says ‘exhortation/admonition’.  This is what I mean that it is another proof that Aramaic came first, and that there is anti-Torah bias in later redactors.  The Aramaic Peshitta community, IF they translated the verses from greek, as the catholic world would have us believe when they engage in translation discussions [though in other contexts they then admit that Aramaic came first], then these Semitic peoples would NEVER have translated nouthesia to TORAH.  Whereas, it is easy to see that greek-minded redactors would be motivated to change TORAH to ‘exhortation.’  It may have been at this very moment where the Ten Commandments became the Ten Suggestions!

The Shema, according to Yeshua Himself, [Mark 12] is the greatest commandment.  It is actually D’varim [Deut] 6:4-9, and in that passage, which we Jews pray three times daily, we are instructed, “V’Shinantam l’vaneikha,” “And you shall teach them [HaD’varim, THE WORDS, which I commanded you, do you see that?] to your children.  But the word ‘shinantam’ is ‘you shall IMPRESS/EMBED them….’   This is why some translations read ‘teach them diligently.’  Teach what?  The book of Ephesians?  NO!  [not that you should not teach them that, but the context is to teach them something that preceded Ephesians].  Sha’ul clearly said to TEACH THEM THE TORAH just shortly after.  This is supported by the verse that starts the chapter [Eph 6], where Sha’ul says, “This is the first MITZVAH,” which he himself had just directed at the children!  ““Children, obey your parents in Adoneinu, for this is right. This is the first MITZVAH [commandment] with promise: “Honor your father and your mother, that it may be well with you, and you may live long on the earth.”  Would an anti-Torah Jew quote the Torah in order to give people a NEW body of ‘laws’ that are outside of the Torah, as the whole of Christendom teaches today?

What do I mean?  You’ve heard it before.  Yeshua did not mean ‘the Torah’ when He said, “If you love me, keep my Mitzvot” [commandments; even the greek redactors left that one intact].  Theologians and religious leaders teach that He ‘MEANT’ the NEW commandments, NEW words that came out of Yeshua’s mouth; that He brought the “Law of Christ” to take the place of the Torah.  WHAT A DISGUSTING LIE.  Not to mention that it betrays another hypocrisy as well.  They go around saying that He is ‘very god,’ but then insist that when He said “My Mitzvot” that He was talking about a different set of commands than the Ten from the “OT GOD”!  This is the forked tongue of HaSatan, and most GOOD people just accept the ‘logic.’

That is where the verse from Tesalonikim struck me this morning.  In 2 Tes 4, Sha’ul says,  “For you know what MITZVOT we gave you by Adoneinu Yeshua. For this is the will of Elohim, even your k’dushah, that you should abstain from fornication, that every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in k’dushah and honor, and not through the passion of lust, even as the rest of the GOYIM who know NOT Elohim.”  The phrase “by Adoneinu” is their excuse to ‘separate’ these into a different set of commands.  This is an instance where the Greek redactors got it wrong, but English redactors coming from greek got it right!  It says ‘commandments’ in English.  Whereas the Aramaic remains consistent.  What ‘scriptures’ or ‘body of instruction’ do we think Sha’ul taught any of the congregations he established?  Matthew-Revelation did not exist when he began to go about and ‘teach’ and establish congregations!  And the book of Acts makes CLEAR that he taught the Jewish scriptures.  And in Efisim 6, he QUOTES the Ten D’varim, WORD FOR WORD.  And then tells people to raise their children in the Torah.

Notice also that in the passage from 1 Tes that he contrasted the “GOYIM” who did not know G-d against the Jews who did know G-d?  It is the Torah that teaches ‘k’dushah,’ or ‘being set apart,’ being different from the rest of the nations [gentiles, who did not have Torah].  Just because many of our Jewish people rejected Messiah, does not mean that everything they had was ‘wrong,’ as the world teaches.  The commandments themselves are true.  The Jews have turned from them to Rabbinic theology, yes.  And they have suffered for 2000 years as a result.  And they persist in their stubbornness.  And this is by design!  For the sake of the GENTILES, that they SHOULD come to Torah, to provoke the Jewish people back to the purity and honesty and GLORY of it.  When Gentiles who believe in Messiah Yeshua begin to keep the Torah as they were originally taught by 13+ JEWS, then the rest of the Jewish people will come to believe in the Jewish Messiah of Yisra’el.  And THEN the resurrection of the dead can happen. [Rom 11]

Nothing could be more honorable than believing in and practicing Torah, and raising one’s children in the Torah.  Yeshua’s own words in Matti 5:17-19 say so. And Sha’ul, “Paul”, clearly ‘suggested’ that we all should, as he was writing to GENTILES when he taught this.

Yes, many Christians teach their children the EIGHT COMMANDMENTS.  I cannot wait until ALL who TRULY follow Yeshua teach their children ALL TEN.  I dare you, ask me about the missing two.

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  1. “do not provoke your children to anger; but bring them up in the discipline of Adoneinu, and in His TORAH.” Always a fine line here.With the Torah as our foundation there is only truth. Who says children don’t come with a manual? Abba has given us HIS Word as the instruction book.

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