Wing Nut

I know I come off as a wing nut, some would say as ‘under the law’, as if I’ve betrayed Messiah, and am trying to earn my salvation.  They could NOT be more wrong.
Some would say I do not ‘have the Spirit.’  I’ve heard it all.  Even some folks who KNOW the power of Elohim in my life now think that way about me.  There are those who have WITNESSED miracles G-d has done in and through me, and still think I’ve gone sour.  Their evil hearts betray THEM, and Messiah, who is STILL in my life.
I follow Messiah Yeshua, the Son of G-d; I have His Ru’akh [breath/power of life].  I am led by HIS voice [which IS the Torah in me! Jer 32:30-34, Heb 7-9].
Yes, I am ‘crying out’, sounding silly, repeating myself, trying to convince HIS PEOPLE to turn to HIS WAYS, perhaps a bit like John the Baptist cried out to HIS PEOPLE, JEWISH PEOPLE WHO ALREADY BELIEVED!  JEWISH PEOPLE WHO WERE LOOKING FOR MESSIAH.  They were lost because they had false shepherds.  But, there was a remnant that TRUSTED, even BEFORE Messiah began His ministry!  BECAUSE they simply trusted, they are the ones who RECOGNIZED MESSIAH.  They heard His Ru’akh [SPIRIT]  BEFORE Messiah rose from the dead!  [Simeon and Anna, John the Baptist, and others].  The Jewish people were all believers in the Creator, and in the Messiah, and in the idea of salvation.  But their leaders were misleading them, for their own selfish, covetous purposes.
Fast forward 2000 years.  The scriptures warn us that in the last days people would line up teachers who would ‘scratch their itching ears.’  Yeshua called them ‘shepherds for hire.’  They also warn us that people who claim to follow Messiah would teach and adhere to vain philosophies of the principles of this world.  And people MISQUOTE that verse to say that we who follow Torah are the ones following the principles of this world.  SMH.
Veering away from the foundational books of the scriptures, Genesis through Deuteronomy, has resulted in exactly that.  Throughout the ages, there have been ‘wing nuts’ who were never part of any greater ‘movement’ or stream of thought in christianity.  They’ve always wanted only to return to the basic principles of G-d, including those first five books.  They were not ignorant, as we are always accused of being.  They were simply desiring truth.  And they were persecuted and killed by the greater majority of so-called ‘believers’ who saw them as a threat, or who saw them as ‘under the law’ and trying to put people in ‘bondage.’  A FREE PEOPLE MUST HAVE A LAW!  Or they LOSE THEIR FREEDOM to anarchy.  That is true in His Kingdom, too.  “I WILL run in the path of your Mitzvot [commandments, a synonym for Torah], for YOU HAVE SET MY HEART FREE.”  [Romans and Ps 119].
It never ceases to amaze me how many people spout that phrase, ‘under the law’, and do not realize that they use it incorrectly in regard to biblical context, but correctly in regard to civil context.  What do I mean?  They KNOW that ‘being under the law’ is feeling the ‘full weight [punishment] of the law,’ BECAUSE YOU BROKE THE LAW.  Is Abba really so UNJUST that He would punish people for keeping HIS LAW?  SMH.
We who trust in Messiah and yet follow His Torah are NOT ‘under the law.’ THAT is the ignorance born from religious duplicity that refuses to read the scriptures with open eyes.  The law itself teaches that true circumcision is of the heart. [Deut 10]  That following Torah is the RESULT of faith [Gen  26], and not a replacement for it.  Yet the Galatian error was this: leading people back to putting their trust in their own actions for salvation.  That is NOT what real Torah keepers do!  REAL Torah keepers keep His Law because they are princes in His KINGDOM.  Because they love HIM and desire to establish HIS ORDER in their lives.  Just like Yeshua taught.  Just like Paul and Peter both taught!  The misuse of the phrase ‘under the law’ is the result of people lining up preachers to make them feel good about sin.  EVEN IF the sin is JUST the error of not keeping His Sabbath.
Can we not see the hypocrisy?  “Put the Ten Commandments back in public view.”  “Put the Ten Commandments back in schools.”
Fourth command:  “Remember the Sabbath.”
I am an honors graduate of Bible College, and have a Masters in History,  and I can tell you, professors of theology AND history KNOW that the Sabbath is and always has been the SEVENTH DAY, our ‘Saturday’.   [starts on fri night, fyi].
Sin IS BREAKING TORAH, and it is the ‘greek’ bible that says so!  [1 John 3:4, along with the Torah itself, the part of the book Christians refuse to follow]
It is indeed STILL a sin to break the Sabbath, as soon as one knows when that Sabbath is.  [He that knows to do a good thing, and does not do it, for him, that is sin].  Before Israel received the manna, they had forgotten when that day was, because they had been slaves, working seven days a week for Pharaoh.  So, the grace of G-d overlooked their error, UNTIL HE reminded them of when the SEVENTH DAY was: with the MANNA.  THEN, it became incumbent upon them to keep it.  And His grace gave them a remedy if they did not, until they did so persistently.  The SAME is true of anyone who says they follow Messiah, a Sabbath keeper.  [Luke 6, and many other proofs].  [1 John 2:5-6, Anyone who SAYS they are His Talmid [disciple] must walk HIS HALAKHA [the way he walked, the Torah, a Jewish term for how to keep the Torah].  He reminds us of when the Sabbath is, as He is our Manna, by having kept it in the JEWISH SYNAGOGUE on the SEVENTH DAY.
“Yeshua is the same, yesterday, TODAY, and FOREVER.”  He is STILL the master of the Sabbath.
Below is ONE [NT]  biblical proof that we are still to DO the things the Father instructs us to do, and that Yeshua Himself did.  Believers show their duplicity when they say “WWJD” and wear paraphernalia to that affect, but then DO NOT DO WHAT HE AND HIS FOLLOWERS in scripture DID.
“And He has quickened you also who were dead BECAUSE OF YOUR SINS and trespasses [against the Torah, 1 Jo 3:4] , in which you PREVIOUSLY walked according to the course of THIS WORLD, and according to the will of the supreme ruler of the air, the spirit which is active in the children of disobedience (disobedience to Torah). “
[the Torah, including Sabbath, came from G-d, straight out of Heaven to Moses; it is NOT of this world, and it is not from the Jews; it was given to mankind, and restored to the Jews, so they could give it to mankind [Is 2:3, which began in Acts 2]
“In those very deeds in which we were also corrupted from the very beginning through the lusts of the FLESH, fulfilling the wills of the flesh and of the mind, thereby we became completely the children of wrath, even as others.  But Elohim, who is rich in mercy, for His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in our sins, has made us alive together with Mashi’akh, by whose compassion we are saved; and He has raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in heaven [where the Torah is law], through Yeshua HaMashi’akh. In the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His compassion in His kindness toward us through Yeshua HaMashi’akh. For it is in His compassion that you are saved through absolute trust; not of your own doing; it is the gift of Elohim: not of works, lest any man should boast. For we are His creation, created through Yeshua HaMashi’akh ultimately for GOOD WORKS, which Elohim has ordained FROM ANTIQUITY that we should live in THEM.”  ….  At that time you were without Mashi’akh, being aliens to the CUSTOMS OF YISRA’EL, and strangers to the COVENANTS of the promise, without hope and without Elohim in the world. But now, through Yeshua HaMashi’akh, you who at one time were far off are brought near
[to the CUSTOMS OF YISRA’EL, and to the COVENANTS of the promise]
Can you honestly NOT SEE THAT?
by the blood of Mashi’akh.  For He is our shalom, who has made both [Jews and Gentiles] one, and has broken down the fence of separation between them; And he has abolished by His precious body the ENMITY between them, and He has abolished BY HIS MITZVOT [Torah in a body] the regulations ABOUT the Torah [erroneous teachings], that He may create, in His nature, from the two, a new man, thus making shalom; and He reconciled both in one body with Elohim, and with His stake He destroyed the ENMITY [He did NOT destroy the torah! Matt 5:17-19];  and He came and declared shalom to you who are far away ,
[from the CUSTOMS OF YISRA’EL, and from the COVENANTS of the promise]
and to those who are near.  {jews who believe}
Through Him we both are able to draw near, by one Ru’akh, to HaAv [The Father].  Thus from henceforth you are neither strangers  [to the CUSTOMS OF YISRA’EL, and to the COVENANTS of the promise] nor foreigners [To Yisra’el], but fellow-citizens with the k’doshim, and children of the household of Elohim; And you are built upon the foundation of the Shlikhim [New testament] and the Nevi’im, [Old Testament] Yeshua HaMashi’akh Himself being the cornerstone of the building [Torah in the flesh]: and through Him the whole building is fashioned and grows into a Heikhal Kadosh, through the help of יהוה , you  also are built up by Him for a habitation of Elohim through HaRu’akh.”
Again, this is just ONE PASSAGE that shows us Paul taught the customs of Israel. 1 Cor, 1Thess also echo this sentiment.
I’ve posted the following verse many, many times.  2 Peter 3:14-18.  Read it again, if you’ve heard HIS VOICE.
Do not be stiff-necked, and uncircumcised of heart.  Keeping His ways is complete JOY!  THAT is why I share, and long for His people to ‘see’ HIS TRUTH.

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