What Are You Counting On?

Day 23 of Counting the Omer:
Why this strange ritual commanded by יהוה ? [Lev 23:10-17]

This is in anticipation of the second grain harvest, the wheat harvest of late spring/early summer.

All of this is associated with Resurrection. The first sheaf wave offering was conducted on the 1st day of the week, the one that falls after the weekly Sabbath during the 7 days of Passover [because there are seven days of Passover, one of those is going to be a Sabbath; the next day, the first day of the week, [sun day on the Roman calendar most follow] is the First Omer, commonly known as “Firstfruits.” Yeshua arose out of She’ol on the very beginning of that day. Since Biblical days BEGIN at SUNDOWN, this was late on Saturday night during a ritual called “Havdallah”, which means “to separate/ make distinct,” and is the closing out of the Sabbath to enter into a new week.

As such, Messiah, the First “Omer” or sheaf of barley, needed to be presented before יהוה, His Father, as that first Omer. We see this happening, when we understand what that means and study the Resurrection in this context.

Miriam is the first to see Messiah, very, very early on the morning of the first day of the week; she tries to cling to Him, but He says, “Do not touch me, for I have not yet ascended to my Father.”

Later, before the sun goes down on that first day, all the Talmidim are gathered together, and Yeshua appears in their midst, and He shows them his hands and His side. They can now touch Him. Why? He had presented Himself in the Most Holy Place as the final “khatat” or “sin offering,” as the FIRSTFRUITS from among the dead. [ Heb 9:12, 1 Cor 15:20-23 ].

This was the beginning of the counting of the Omer, which the Talmidim surely would have been doing.

During this time of counting, Messiah appeared to them many times [likely once every day, until the last week! ]

It is during this time that He firmed their understanding and “sent” them to go into all the world. [Shalakh lahem, an apostle being a “Shaliakh,” a “Sent one”. ] He made sure Kefa understood that he was to “FEED MY SHEEP.” Why? Kefa had a tendency toward self-preservation, and needed to learn that his life would be spent for others, just as Messiah’s had. They all had to understand this, but Kefa seemed to have the “hardest” time with this!

Yeshua fed the Talmidim breakfast during this time. There are several references to eating during this time. Why? During the week leading up to this time, Jews eat only Matzah, “unleavened bread,” which has to be creatively made tasty, and is not as filling as other breads. Also, the only fresh grain available in the very early spring is the Barley of the first sheaf offering, the first grain to ripen. So, early spring breads were also not very filling during that first 50 days. The season of counting the Omer is in anticipation of a FULL HARVEST of WHEAT and the rest of the grains of Israel. After that harvest, breads became very “heavy” and very “FILLING,” because they were then made out of many grains, legumes, etc.

That is the theme of this whole season: FULLNESS.

We count the ‘days’ of the Omer, to make sure we count the weeks, the SHAVUOT, of the Omer. We count SEVEN shavuot [weeks]. After 7 weeks are counted, which puts us back at a “sat day” night, on that last night the FIFTIETH DAY is counted, and when the sun rises, there are TWO FULL LOAVES of bread which are now presented as a “wave offering”, “LIFTED UP” before יהוה .

The first wave offering was ‘small’, made of only one grain. This is seen in Yeshua and the few K’doshim [set apart ones, Matt 27:52] who were raised from the dead on that first evening. This was a small harvest of “Jewish souls” only. The second, ‘multi-grain’ harvest occurred fifty days later, that of wheat and the other grains. [oats, etc]. This was celebrated on that 50th day, with two very large loaves, representing the late “spring” harvest of the ‘nations,’ with souls from other nations being ‘saved’ on that day.

This is seen in Acts chapter 2. There were Jews AND proselytes, meaning Gentiles who had converted to Judaism, who were there that day in Yerushalayim FOR THE FEAST OF SHAVUOT [weeks, counting the omer]. They heard the message as FIRE [also a part of the rituals of Shavuot] fell from the heavens and Kefa “lifted up” Yeshua before them.

THEY WERE FILLED. Those Jews and converted Gentiles were the two “FULL LOAVES” of bread ‘lifted up’ TOGETHER, as ONE OFFERING, that day!

The MOEDIM [feasts, appointment days] of יהוה ALL tell us the story of Messiah and His Ministry.

This is NOT the last harvest, but together, the First Omer and the Bikkurim [Firstfruits] of the 50th day of Shavuot are the “FORMER RAIN”, the “SPRING RAIN”, and the beginning of the harvest season. Shaul called Yeshua “Firstfruits,” but he also called the early believers firstfruits! [Romans 8:23] So did Ya’akov [James, 1:18]. These are the “bookends” of the whole SEASON of “firstfruits”, from the First Omer of Barley to the “Bikkurim” [firstfruits] of Shavuot. One season, two harvests of firstfruits.

After the wheat harvest, a long summer is endured, and at the end of the summer, right when fall begins, the LAST harvest is celebrated, the harvest of the fruit trees. During the summer, this harvest is anticipated, and there is a count of forty days that begins with the start of the sixth month of the year that began before Pesakh [Passover]. So, in the sixth month, another season begins called “Elul”, and the days are counted up to Yom Kippur, forty days. This is the season of “RETURN”, “T’shuvah”, or “REPENTANCE.”
In the biblical, Jewish mind, repentance means RETURN TO TORAH. This is the “season” that represents Eliyahu’s ministry. Yeshua said Eliyahu must come again, and “RETURN” the hearts of fathers and children to one another, restoring the “right order”. Eliyahu will be TWO PROPHETS this time. [Rev 11]

During this season of Teshuvah there are 10 TERRIBLE DAYS!
Yom Teruah [known as Rosh HaShannah] to Yom Kippur is ten days, and they are known as TERRIBLE DAYS.

Since Yom Teruah is the “Day that NO MAN KNOWS”, and is therefore 2 days long, then there are 7 TERRIBLE DAYS Between these two days.

During these 7 Terrible Days, the High Priest sequestered Himself with His Bride in a ‘secret’ room in preparation for the Judgment of Yom Kippur. Yeshua is going to do the same!

But , know this, HIS BRIDE WEARS WHITE, which is OBEDIENCE to the TORAH, AND Trust in Yeshua; one cannot have one without the other and be “dressed in white!” [Rev 12:17, 19:10]

Yom Teruah is the beginning of the “DAY OF יהוה ”, more commonly known as “The LORD’S Day” in christian parlance. This has been perverted/twisted to mean “sun day”, by those who oppose Torah and changed the Holy Day of יהוה from the 7th day Sabbath to the day of the worship of the “venerable sun god”. When Yokhanan said “I was in the Ruakh on the Day of יהוה ”, it was Yom Teruah! The first “JUDGMENT DAY”, the judgment of the Righteous, when the ‘sheep of Israel’ pass under the staff of Elohim ONE BY ONE.” This is the day the names of the RIGHTEOUS are SEALED in the book of life. This is the day of the blowing of the “Last Shofar” mentioned in 1 Corinthians 15. This is the “FIRST RESURRECTION”, of those who are dressed in white. [Remember what that means!] The Bride and the High Priest enter the “Kheder/Khuppah” [it is a wedding consummation!] And the Terrible Days begin! These are the 7 Years known as the “Time of Ya’akov’s Tribulation”, when Israel and those who would join her are disciplined for not following the Torah!

It is Terrible, but, at the same time, it is a GREAT HARVEST. At the end, after those who come through those terrible days by NOT following the Lying Messiah who changed the Moedim and the Torah through DECREE [ a worldwide decree forbidding all from keeping the Torah ], Yom Kippur comes, and the GREAT SHOFAR is blown, and all the nations are gathered together for a “great separation”. This is when Messiah Returns with His Wife, those riding behind Him in white [Those who knew Messiah AND KEPT HIS COMMANDMENTS, who needed NOT to go through the discipline of Ya’akov for not keeping the Torah], Messiah puts His foot down on the Mount of Olives, and the death penalty is conferred on those who oppose the Messiah and His Torah, following the “lying Messiah.”

The Season of our Joy then begins, which is SUKKOT. This is otherwise known as “Tabernacles.” The whole world will celebrate the WEDDING BANQUET of the Lamb. This is the LAST INGATHERING, depicted in the “ingathering” of fruits of the trees. Israel “goes out” to gather these fruits, which are both cultivated and wild, and “brings them in” for the FEAST of SUKKOT. This is why we hang fruits in our Sukka [booth]. This is a picture of the 2 prophets and the 144K Jews “going out” to teach others of Messiah and His Torah during the “Terrible days.”

So, if you wonder why I count the Omer, you now know. The MOEDIM [Appoinments of יהוה ] in Leviticus 23, including the Sabbath, are the roadmap to the return of the Messiah. When Yeshua revealed [hitgalut, the book of REVELATION] to me the “Day that No Man Knows” nearly 30 years ago, “Yom Teruah”, commonly known as Rosh HaShannah, I began to ‘see’ that the Torah IS VALID TO THOSE WHO TRUST IN THE JEWISH MESSIAH.
It is by Torah that we are SET APART from this world. Yeshua washes us, gives us trust, and sets us free from the penalty of sin, which is indeed recorded in a book; THAT RECORD of SIN is what was nailed to the tree! He does NOT set us free from Torah! He frees us from OUR sin, so that we CAN keep it!

As long as this post is, this is but a SUMMARY of these feasts. The more I learn, the more I realize how much there is yet to learn. However, the more sure I become of the FACT that Yeshua will return during the fall season one day very soon.

This season commemorates the “FILLING UP” of His People with His Ruakh. Those of us who “know” this “FULLNESS” celebrate to remember it, and to re-invigorate our lives with His Ruakh, to learn of HIM. The ANTICIPATION of it reminds us of anticipating His coming for His Bride, and after that His Return!

We are in day 23 today. There are 27 days left to count before we celebrate the Ru’akh.  This previous week was the regularly scheduled reading of Lev 23 in Synagogues worldwide.  I ‘saw’ more this year to affirm these things.  The ‘drash’ is here.  Please watch, enjoy, and share.  27 days is not a long time.  Even if we have 50 years, that is not a long time.  Yeshua repeatedly told us to WATCH and BE READY for that day:

I wish I had more time, but I just wanted to ‘show’ how meditative this counting makes us, if we allow it. It truly does help us to “stir up” the gift that was given us…

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