Are you drunk?

Respect for life has all but disappeared in this country, and certainly the world over.

For the last few days, the abortion issue has surfaced in my search for news.  In that search, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to find just that: news.  Most of what we get is commentary, where news ‘anchors’ actually are telling us what to think about whatever they are reporting.  I long for the days when news and media reported the facts, and left the thinking up to the reader/listener.  But, alas.

That aside, what’s worse is that those who are the focus of ‘news’ are lying to us, most of the time.  People who are in power now speak egregious lies about what happened, in almost every situation, and the media does not call them on it.  Why?  Because both the media and the politicians are complicit in their attempt to re-define the country.  The left and the right of the political spectrum both wonder why Trump is so popular, and the people really aren’t exactly sure why either.  But, Trump is popular because he is at least shooting straight when he speaks.  It’s refreshing.

That attempt to redefine this country is shrouded in the playground of politics, which is just a smoke screen.  The ever-lurking evil of godlessness is to blame.  There has been an effort in this country for years to throw off the ‘shackles’ of absolutes, of truth itself, and ‘set everyone free’ to be their own god.  This is the root of our problem.  This is the source of the destruction of this country, hiding in plain sight.  And at the helm is Hollywood’s elite.  Hollywood is the propaganda machine of the godless, and is the engine on the train of public thought.  And it seems everyone is aboard that train.  Leftists are its conductor and crew, and everyone else is just along for the ride, and seemingly content with heading for the cliff of self-destruction where the track ends, or oblivious to the destination altogether.  Leftists think the nirvana of communism, a society without a god, where the people listen to the oligarchy’s orgy of amoral philosophies and surrender to their collective supreme intellect, because they think themselves better for man than G-d, will be the salvation of the world.  And they’ll kill anyone who gets in the way of that high and lofty dream.

Why does the left lie to the public all the time?  Because they do not have a god who opposes lying.  They lie to further their purposes, and because they know that the people on the train trust the conductor.  They lie because they do not believe in the absolute that lying is immoral.  Their ‘greater good’ outweighs the wrong of their deception.  They lie because they get away with it.  And they get away with it, because the populace itself is drunk on the wine of immorality.

The left is supported by the biggest, most effective propaganda machine ever, which effortlessly props up their lies.  And now, the social media giants are the thought police for that propaganda machine.  Google, Facebook,  You Tube, they all see themselves as the rightly-appointed arbiters of thought, and the protectors of those lies. As soon as anyone begins to gain traction on their platforms, if they say something that goes against the Hollywood and Leftist agenda, they are censored.  Just ask Diamond and Silk, or Mike Cernovich, or Pamela Geller, or anyone that has stood up for a singular truth and gotten mass attention.

There used to be in this country a common belief that there is a G-d, a creator and savior who alone grants inalienable rights.  And that His Ten Words were good for the country.  There were wide and varied viewpoints on how to serve Him, and none of those who served Him were perfect, they understood, but they all accepted and honored His existence, and His sovereignty over mankind.  They accepted that His guide book was good for our society.  They wrote about Him in our founding documents.  They agreed to leave the decision to the citizen as to how, when, or even whether to serve Him, but there was a common understanding that His basic principals were our foundation.  They believed there were absolute rights and wrongs, and that the people would stand, as long as they continued to trust in those truths.

Since then, however, those who despise G-d and a singular truth, summed up in those Ten Words, used those founding documents, twisted their words, convinced an elite few that they were smarter, and set out to inoculate society from belief in any absolutes.  Some of them attended churches, maintaining the ruse that they believed in G-d, until such a time when they could then remove the veil of deceit and openly declare His absence, and their superiority over people who still believe in absolutes.  That day has arrived.

But, it was preceded by some very dangerous precedents that have numbed the masses into thinking these Elites and their policies are harmless.  First, they took prayer out of school.  It seemed ‘right’ to that generation not only not to impose G-d on the public, but also to surrender to the notion that He should not be involved in our government, nor in any institution created by, supported, and sustained by the public.  After taking away the public notion that there is a Creator, then it became easy to declare that killing a human being should be legal.  They twisted the definition of life, and said that location determines whether or not someone is alive.  Suddenly, the womb, supposed before to be sacrosanct, and the safest place in the world for any human, was now an execution chamber.  People could be killed simply because they were ‘unwanted.’  And that generation did not see that this thought process could reach further than the womb!  When just a few years before, a society went on a killing rampage of ‘unwanted’ people who were outside the womb, killing six million souls in just a few years.  Since that decision, fifty million humans have been murdered simply because of their location, because someone decided their life was not ‘wanted.’  Since there is no ‘absolute’ right nor wrong, the lives of those who could not speak for themselves nor defend themselves did not matter.  And the country allowed it.  How did public opinion shift on this so swiftly?  Propaganda.

Since the definition of life itself could change, so too could the definition of marriage, the progenitor and protector of life.  The propaganda machine went to work on that issue tut-de-suite, and public opinion shifted enough to cause judges to re-define marriage based on that opinion, and not on fact.

All the while, the boundaries of morality became amorphous.  Institutes of higher education were flooded with new elitists who drum the agenda of godlessness into the minds of the next generation.   Those new elitists take office in the courts, in the schools, and in the state; and now the public is accepting and abiding two separate sets of laws: the laws for the elite, and the laws for the common.  A President lied about adultery and redefined the word “is”; a secretary of State lied to the public about leaving Americans for dead in Benghazi;  an Attorney General lied to the public about arms deals; an Attorney General lied to the nation about a tarmac meeting; A presidential candidate lied to the FBI about the content of emails.  A sitting president backed those and other lies wholeheartedly.  And now, an FBI director lied to a FISA court, to Congress, and to the people about trying to unseat a sitting President.  And these are just the high-lights.  The lies coming out of the elite are a steady stream of repugnant drink.  And the masses do nothing.  They drink it, joyfully, it seems.


Because there is no god.  Because that public has drunk the wine of spiritual stupor coming out of Hollywood for the last sixty years.  While seventy-seven percent of that populace claims to be Christian, and .5% is Jewish, Hollywood thrives on Christian and Jewish money.  Less than 22.5% of the population claims not to believe in the “Judeo-Christian” G-d, but the public train of thought reflects the values of that 22.5%.  Why?  Because the 77.5% is the fuel that feeds that train, and the consumers of its garbage.

It is not until those who claim to believe in the G-d the founders believed in stand up for the simple truth of absolute right and wrong again that any change for good will occur.  It is not until they stop consuming Hollywood and social media elitist trash that they will take power away from them.  The left has done a brilliant thing: they have made their money off the very people they are trying to subdue, and subduing that people with it.  It may indeed be too late.  But Trump’s successes have given a few people hope.  America has reached out basically to a ‘base fellow’ for ‘salvation,’ much like Israel reached out to Yiftakh [Jephthah].  Someone who would not otherwise be ‘honored’ as a righteous man, but who would stand up to villains, became righteous in that process.  Are we seeing that same thing before our eyes?  Let’s hope so.

Why, though, has 77.5% of a population that claims to believe in G-d supported such ungodly decisions as abortion and homosexual marriage [with other amoral decisions on the heels of those two]?  How did public opinion turn so quickly?  Because those people are in bed with the machine that propagates the doctrine of godlessness, paying billions each year to consume the wine of her adultery, feeding their minds with the twisted ‘truths’ that lace almost every product of Hollywood.  They have turned from the Bible as an infallible truth, to public opinion foisted on them by entertainers and elitists.  They worship her.

Blame it on preachers who participate in the drink, and do not see the drunkenness and stupor.  Blame it on the leaders of Christianity and Judaism that have capitulated to Hollywood, allowing ‘her’ to tell them how to think.  Blame it on ‘believers’ who say, and do not do.  And who pay large sums of their yearly income to support the very machine that is meant to kill them.  [spiritual death]

Relative and not literal interpretation of the scriptures has led to relative interpretation of the laws of the land, which has led to a completely immoral train of public opinion, which drives the judiciary, the executive, and legislative thought processes, and the electorate.  One of those has been recently interrupted, and it is putting the brakes on; but is it enough?  No.  The others must join in the effort.  Only the people, those who spend the money enjoying the products that feed the beast, have the power to stop it.  But do they have the will?  The people have not the will to change their own behaviors, much less the actions of those who govern.   Until the masses wake up from their stupor, nothing will change.

As a Messianic, Torah-observant, Jewish believer in Messiah Yeshua, I see the beauty and wisdom of the Word of Elohim, and strive to apply it to my life, in spite of and because of my shortcomings, and to help others to do the same.  I long for everyone to see the fullness of His Torah, the benefit of it in their lives.  I wish every Jew and every Christian would see that the simple and plain and literal interpretation of the scriptures is the solution.  But, I am happy to allow them to arrive there in their own, rather in His own, timing.  But, I am speaking out, like a voice in the wilderness, in the hope that someone, any one person, will wake up to the decay of our society, and at least admit that this people needs G-d.  At least admit that He is sovereign, and there is such a thing as right and wrong, and no, not everyone is ‘basically good.’  Everyone is potentially good, but many are corrupt, and intent on corrupting.  The true enemy of America is godlessness, and it reaches into that 77.5%.

“ יהוה is not slow concerning His promises, as some men count slowness; but is longsuffering toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should come to teshuvah.”

Teshuvah is the Jewish thought / teaching of ‘repentance.’  It means to turn to Elohim, by doing His Torah.  His Torah is summed up in His Ten Words [in Exodus 20].  Read those, be HONEST with them and with yourselves, and turn this country back to G-d, in truth.

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