Stand Up and Bless

The title is a phrase we say in the Synagogue at least once a month.  It is a call from the scriptures to acknowledge the sovereignty of the Creator.

Last night I was watching the news, which I am loathe to do most of the time, because it just frustrates me concerning the way people think these days.

Our Messiah told us there are three classes of people, and Jewish tradition says the same.  Yeshua named these three classes of people, “hot,” “cold,” and “lukewarm.”  Jewish tradition has most people in the ‘lukewarm’ category, and calls them ‘intermediates,’ somewhere between completely righteous and completely wicked.

We are instructed in the last days to ‘Come out from among them,’ and this could easily dovetail with Yeshua’s plea to be either hot or cold.

What got me thinking about all of this was that in watching the news last night, Tucker Carlson interviewed a British woman who was commenting on the UK not allowing conservatives into their country, and calling them ‘bigots’ and potential ‘terrorists’ for simply believing passionately in G-d.  She expressed that in Britain, she, as a conservative Christian, was on the endangered species list.  It has basically become illegal there to ‘believe.’

While it is not quite that bad here in our U.S., we are certainly not without our haters, who would have that be the official policy of this country.  That is why I now say, “Stand Up!  And Bless  יהוה  , from Everlasting to Everlasting!”  In Britain, the vast majority of people have sat idly by and watched their country be overrun with Muslims, whose agenda is clearly stated as making the UK a Muslim country.  They are well on their way to doing so, as London now has a very anti-Christian, Islamic Mayor.  We have in our country the same, Muslims who would have us all be subject to Sharia law.  Sharia law demands a ‘no blasphemy’ law, which is to say that we cannot speak out against Islam and against Mohamed.  This is the law that is now preventing Conservatives from anywhere in the world to visit the UK.  I can no longer go to the UK.  And I’m happy to oblige, though I wanted to see Scotland.  If they do not overturn their blasphemy laws, I guess I will not see Scotland.

I have a good friend who recently told me he does not like discussing politics.  I do not relish discussing it either, but, I will discuss policy.  There are people in this country who would have us be silent concerning our faith.  There are those who would gladly take away our freedom to worship.  And they are very, very vocal about it.  Until those who love RIGHTEOUSNESS stand up and SAY SOMETHING, the left is going to run roughshod over our rights, and eventually take them away.

They have yelled the loudest for the last fifty years, screaming about things like abortion, homosexuality, oppression of women, the evil of Israel, etc.  And they have very nearly successfully convinced many of the ‘lukewarm’ that they mean well for America, and that their policies are fair, and good.  The truth is, they hate America and freedom.  And now, it’s no longer the fringe of the Democratic party, as it was fifty years ago.  It is very nearly the whole of the party.

We must start STANDING UP to the lies.  The whole democratic party has clearly been lying to the people for years and years.  Until the ORDINARY PEOPLE start standing up and declaring TRUTH just as passionately as they lie, that swath of middle-grounders will continue to believe the lies more and more.

I have taught for years on the power of a lie.  The more one says the lie, the more one believes it, even if they knew it was a lie to start with.  Also, the more those who hear it over and over hear it, the more they begin to believe it.  The best example of this is the Palestinian LIE.  Palestine has NEVER EXISTED as a nation!  Judea and Samaria, as occupied territories, were called that by the Roman Empire, as an insult to the Jews, who have maintained a presence there for 4,000 years!  Palestinians are named so, because they hate Jews.  The Roman moniker for the land came from the long-vanished, Biblical people called “P’lishtim,” or “Philistines.”  “P’lishtim” means INVADERS.  But because they have screamed for the last 50 years that Israel is their land, most of the world now believes that LIE.  It was the UN and all the nations of seventy years ago that gave Israel to the Jewish People, because it is their ancestral homeland, proven in History over and over again!

There are so many lies that our citizens are now believing, and time does not permit me to expose them all.  One example is that income tax is our DUTY as citizens.  NO!  We only MUST do it when we sign a Social Security card!  We voluntarily in ignorance enter into a contract, and THEN it is our obligation, but it has NEVER been our civic duty!  In fact, income tax was FORBIDDEN in the Constitution!

The volume of lies people believe never ceases to amaze me.  STAND UP, BLESS  יהוה   , TELL THE TRUTH!  Or we are going to be slaves in fifty years or less….


One thought on “Stand Up and Bless

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. We have to be as firm in our convictions and let our emunah dictate how we live, just like the examples of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach & Abed Nego.


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