Why Not Theology?

Why did I get a Biblical Studies degree?

Why, when I went for a higher degree, did I NOT go ‘religious’ at all?
For one, the study of ‘Theology’ seems to be “The Study of the Greek God,” as “Theos” is the greek word for god; modern ‘theological studies’ are rooted in greek, socratic, platonic, and aristotelean ‘logic,’ the kind Sha’ul warns us about [Kolossim 2:8], the very vain philosophies of MEN, perpetuated by the likes of John Calvin and Martin Luther, et al, who do not read the WORD itself, but love to hear themselves think, and who do not interpret, but interpose their own ideas into the texts, discarding the plain meaning of the WORD for their ‘lofty,’ circular, GREEK logic. Deceiving millions.
But, I did get a Biblical Studies degree from a very reputable ‘protestant’ school; I got it because I wanted ‘a’ degree, and I wanted to enjoy what I studied, and not feel like I was wasting my time, taking away from my young family without benefitting them in some way. But, as I was already a reader of The Scriptures, I did not go into it blindly.
I was a 4.0 student; and twice I had professors who I knew did not like me, simply because I wore a Magen David around my neck [Jewish ‘Star of David,’]. Each of them gave me lesser grades, though they could not justify the grade. [I contested one and overturned it, and he was fired because he made a habit of that behavior, apparently, but the other I did not contest, as I’d seen their duplicity by then and just wanted to finish] They had NO IDEA that I kept the Sabbath and agreed in the relevance of the feasts. One did not like my question about the Jewish students [disciples] of Messiah, and the implication that they spoke Hebrew. He berated me for the rest of that class. And I began to see how DISHONEST with the texts all of these men were! In short, ALL ‘theologians’ LOVE to hear themselves bloviate.
During that time of my life, I ran into all the major ‘theologians,’ or Greek God Studiers: Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin, Luther, Knox, the list goes on ad nauseum. As a person who is innately interested in ORIGINS, I looked at who these men read, and was not surprised. Then, I read their OWN writings, personal writings and was aghast; then I read their OWN histories, and was APPALLED! And I found them NOT to have been men of character, but to have had hearts full of MURDER, especially Calvin and Luther.
I am not here to run people down who have read these men’s works; I have. Nor those who follow their tenets, or agree with their ‘logic.’ But I do appeal to The Word, and the PLAIN MEANING of the text. Men tend to get lost in their own thoughts, and ignore the Torah, which prefaces EVERY DOCTRINE of the Renewed Covenant scriptures, and prevents us from creating ‘new’ doctrines! [Do NOT add to This Torah!] Do we REALLY think no one was ‘saved’ before Calvin came along? To hear him tell it, we must!
And, I also tell everyone that the power of a theological lie is insurmountable when it is paired with admiration for the men who birthed the lie! Catholics revere Constantine as a ‘pope,’ as a ‘believer,’ and confess that he changed the Sabbath, but completely overlook his lifelong idolatry, his hand in murdering those who dared to question his ‘trinity,’ and his hatred of Jewish BELIEVERS. Cyril cemented the next great ‘lie’ in catholicism, that of Mary being the ‘mother of god,’ or ‘Theotokos.’ But they overlook all the innocent people Cyril presided over and killed, stirring mobs of ‘christians’ and inciting them to do violence. Calvin created the ideas of ‘irresistable grace,’ ‘efficacious grace,’ et al, in order to support his notion that we have no choice in choosing Messiah, choosing to do right, etc. And people today follow him in droves, ingoring the fact that he beheaded a 9 year old girl because she smacked her mother’s hand away; that he impailed many people, accusing them of being ‘witches’ based on the most ignorant and unsupportable ‘evidence,’ and then he pushed for burning Michael Servetus at the stake, a Jewish believer, simply because he wanted to have dialogue with Calvin about Yeshua’s Nature! [I risk all manner of accusation, and perhaps a similar fate to Servetus, in some hearts, by asserting he was more a man of truth than Calvin. Calvin’s dirty hands in his death have likely not since been cleansed.] Luther’s ‘faith alone’ doctrine is besmirched by his many years of anti-Semitic hatred, by his helping the popes to burn @100,000 baptists in Munster, Germany, and by his anti-Semitic rants that fueled the Holocaust nearly 500 years later, yet baptists today treat him as the ‘father of the reformation’ and REVERE him.
So, I got a biblical studies degree to avoid these MEN, and THEIR doctrines. I want to know ONLY what The Word of Elohim says, and NOT what MEN have said, especially those who supported their doctrine and high positions with MURDER. I do not care how many people follow them (Exodus 23:2), one is NOT a believer in Messiah if he has blood on his hands, especially AFTER professing faith. That ‘faith’ is a LIE.

4 thoughts on “Why Not Theology?

  1. It’s so like Yah to use the base things to further His purposes. Of the Shlichim, I don’t recall any of those men having formal higher education to declare the besorah or the plain truth of the Torah. Although Sha’ul, an apostle out of season, did have the highest level of formalized religious training arguably in all of Yisra’el, he later spent years unlearning what he’d been taught. Because he submitted to Elohim instead of man, Yah was able to effectively use him to address and correct bad doctrine like none other.


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