Trump it up!


Above is a political rundown on Trump.

I’ve read it twice.

I agree with him on many of his points. There are two points of his that, in my mind, need to be stronger: abortion and tax reform.

On abortion, there should NEVER be a late term abortion. That is killing a child who feels his body being torn apart, and is screaming.

Of course, there is nothing in Scripture that justifies killing an unborn baby at any ‘age’, whether to protect the mother or terminate an unwanted pregnancy.  But, it’s the support of so many who CLAIM to believe in the Creator of LIFE who also support this that really stirs my blood.  Even IF they ‘say’ they do not support it, yet vote for those who vehemently do, they support it!  It is against His Torah to do so.  “You shall not follow a multitude to do evil.”

How about promoting sexual responsibility? What happened to having relationships in a marriage covenant, and not as a weekend hobby? [men AND women].

In regard to the mother’s life, yes, protect her life. But do your best to protect the baby too.

I understand, as much as a man can, how difficult rape must be on a woman; but, if it results in pregnancy, should we then kill the innocent child? Does one crime deserve another?  Should the child pay for the sins of his father?  NO. There are plenty of people lining up for adoption, if the mother does not want to raise the child.  It would be a great way to heal from the pain of what happened to give to someone who cannot have a child.  Many women have done so and have testified to it.  Part of the solution is to make adoption more available and as cost free as possible to both parties, not murdering an innocent baby.

On tax reform, we need to go back to NO INCOME TAX. The income tax amendment needs to be repealed.  Income tax was loathsome to the founders!  It should be to us!  Income tax is the reason politicians are so corrupt, and the primary vehicle they use for taking our rights away and controlling the populace, and the vote!

Property taxes in the various states also need to go away. When the state can take your home due to unpaid taxes, you live in a communist state. You do not own your home.

The governments obviously need funds in order to function, but those can be raised by taxing luxury goods, tariffs on foreign goods, and other means, both at the state and federal level; if you don’t buy it, you don’t pay taxes! If you don’t pay taxes, you have more money to invest for your own family and advancement.  But, at least Trump has a plan to reduce them.  It could be a step toward finally doing away with it again.

How about encouraging personal fiscal responsibility?

Why am I commenting on Trump, then?

In truth, I never ‘liked’ the man; I don’t call him by his famous moniker. I don’t think he’s a ‘hero.’ I do, however, respect what he has accomplished, and over the last few weeks have become less skeptical of him.

At one point, I could not take him seriously because of his hair! But that is on me.

I do not yet know if he’s the BEST candidate to be the next POTUS, but he’s certainly a far better candidate than the current one! I comment on him today because, so far, he is the only person in the political arena who is speaking plainly and standing for SOMETHING. He does not yet seem to be pandering to a particular group, and he’s not afraid of the left-wing media, and doesn’t let them get away with their politically influenced, so-called ‘journalism.’

I don’t know what happened to Dennis Michael Lynch, who WAS the frontrunner for receiving my vote. He mysteriously disappeared for a while, and has now dropped out of contention. Strange. But, they’d likely not be able to run DT off.

If we make it past 2016 and are able to elect a different person, then this guy is likely the one who could give us REAL change, “change we need,” like actually standing up against ISIS and our Muslim enemies, holding Iran accountable, repealing ACA, fixing the illegals invasion, creating real jobs, etc.  Trump has spent a lifetime of creating jobs.  PBHO has not.

Before anyone goes off, I am NOT against immigrants, I’m against criminals. And if someone comes into this country without going through the LEGAL process, they are a CRIMINAL. PERIOD. Crime should be punished. We need to screen those who come into our country, because so many [of ALL nationalities] do want to kill us; so many want to freeload off of us; so many are ‘hardened criminals’ fleeing another country’s law enforcement; so many carry diseases. Immigrate all you want… just do it legally! I would LOVE to maybe live in Scotland or Yisra’el one day; but, if I do so, I will do so legally. If I have to flee here and go to Yisra’el because of persecution, I would ASK PERMISSION.

So, I comment on Trump because at least trump is speaking his mind, and not equivocating about the issues. I respect that. And, what he said recently about people persecuting the Christian community here really got my attention, because NOT ONE OTHER POLITICIAN has addressed that, and THAT is where all this liberal propaganda has been going for 40 years.

I think he understands that the ‘fundamental change’ that pbho promised was to weaken and/or destroy u.s.  He at least has the khutzpah to say what he really thinks, in spite of the pc police. If not him, then SOMEONE who lines up as closely as possible with strong, biblical principles and does the same.

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